Why Air Conditioner is a Commodity in Singapore?

The over 600 square kilometer Asian Tiger, Singapore, is one of the rapidly developing countries in the region, with continuous economic growth for the past decades. With its fast-paced development, it also attracts citizens from neighboring countries to take their chances in this place.

One of the not-so-favorite characteristics of Singapore however, is its all-year hot and humid climate. Located just one degree north of the equator, this country consequentially experiences high temperature almost all year. With bodies of water bordering Singapore and tall buildings surrounding the country, you can also expect a very humid weather here.

For this reason, air conditioner has become a commodity for all sectors. Let’s look closely at the reasons why.

Business and Public Establishments

For employees and management

For restaurants, cafès, company buildings, and other commercial establishments, high-powered air conditioning units have become a necessity. Employees in Singapore cannot work efficiently and effectively without cooling units because the humid and hot weather makes it impossible for them to even think clearly, more so, move physically to do the work. It is outright impossible for these businesses to operate without cooling units.

For customers

Restaurants, shops, and cafès in Singapore will certainly lose customers if they don’t have the best equipment to make their clients feel comfortable. Without the appropriate air conditioners, customers will never enjoy eating in a restaurant or simply shopping in a mall. Huge business establishments should certainly take advantage of discounts and promos such as KPA aircon servicing hot deals for their high-power cooling units.

For equipment

New York Times has written about how crucial air conditioner is in our daily lives. One of the explanations given is that data centers that power the the Internet cannot be constructed and maintained without this cooling appliance. The same can also be said about other office equipment like computers and servers. They will all be at risk of overheating without air conditioners cooling the room down.

Residential Homes

For family in general

Needless to say, air conditioners bring comfort to the whole family. If you don’t want your teenagers to spend their weekends and free time in shopping malls and other places, install central air conditioning systems in your home. This way, they can stay comfortably inside your house, without feeling the need to cool down some place else.

Air conditioners also increases the quality of life of your family because they will feel relaxed and satisfied inside the house no matter what the weather is outside.

For babies

Babies are delicate. They need maximum protection on the early months of their existence. Your house should be that place of protection for them. A properly ventilated house with air conditioners is that safe haven for your little one where he or she can be protected from rashes, dehydration, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and other harmful conditions.

For moms

Cooking moms understand that an air conditioner is beneficial at home. Having this cooling unit will reduce the heat and humidity inside the house that is produced by cooking in the kitchen and operating applianced. Refrigerators and other home appliances contribute to the heat inside the house. Cooling units are the only appliances that can counter heat and humidity brought by these factors.

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