Why Every Homeowner Needs To Invest In A Fireproof Document Bag!

A fireproof document bag is a special bag that is made of fire resistant material. It can be used to preserve vital documents as well as money and other papers that can easily catch fire and burn. These are made with the help of state of the art patented technology, and have a fiberglass fabric as the base fabric. These are designed to keep all your essentials as well as luxury items safe in case a devastating fire breaks out. Such types of bags can deflect and insulate against intense heat. Find out why you should opt for these bags for you regular document storage purposes.


These are light in weight, and can easily be carried. The bags are designed to transport documents as well as money and various other types of papers that need to be kept safe from fire damage and other possible harm. The bags can be made of various fabrics and materials, and can be availed in various sizes and shapes with varied features. These are mainly used when you have to frequently transport the contents, and when it is too tough or almost impossible to transport safes or other fire-resistant containers from one spot to other.


The bags offer practical storage space for any type of document, whether it comes to titles, deeds, passports, birth certificates, insurance papers, paper-based antiques, registration papers, driving license and more. You can simply toss them all into one large sized fireproof document bag, and keep it somewhere safe. Even if the closet, safe or shelf containing the bag burns down, you can be assured of the papers being secure. You will find it good enough to preserve any type of document, or even your precious dollars in cash, if a fire breaks out.

Reliable construction

Most of these bags are made of fiberglass, asbestos or a similar type of fire resistant material. The sides and pockets of these bags can be lined by a number of layers of the fireproof material. A metal material layer can be used for heat deflection. All these layers can be useful for keeping the contents preserved from water damage as well.

Multiple pockets

These bags vary from basic to complex in design, and can comprise of a single or multiple zippered pockets. Generally, there are flaps to protect the zippers. A number of bags are designed for offering security as well. Thus, locks can be a vital in-built component in these bags. In the bags with multiple pockets, you can keep specific items in specific pockets and keep everything organized for proper storage or transportation.

Official transportation

You can use these bags for the official transportation of important documents to offices, financial institutions such as banks, business houses and more. Often, it is compulsory to use these due to the high risks of fires during vehicular accidents, although many of the armored vehicles are designed to be fireproof. As these bags are securely designed, these are safer against risks of thefts as compared to standard carrying cases.

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