Commercial Flooring Types and Their Features

The choice of flooring significantly impacts how space looks and feels. A commercial floor should reflect the activities carried out in a specific space by its aesthetic look, comfort, and functionality. There are various floor finishes, but their suitability and performance vary significantly.

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Carpets and carpet tiles
Suitable for commercial floors that require noise insulation such as offices. Carpet tiles come in different patterns and styles offering a variety of options from different brands and the look they aim to achieve. Carpet tiles are flexible to replace with minimal noise and mess.  In addition to maintaining their aesthetic look, tiles can keep their original shape and stay flat for long periods without cases of buckling and doming. Good carpets and carpet tiles can withstand heavy and constant traffic without being disturbed, but only if they have the following characteristics:
•    Easy to clean
•    Are flexible and rigid
•    Strong weight and mass sufficiency
•    Have a stable dimension
Carpets need routine cleaning and maintenance due to their ease of getting stained and to keep them looking presentable for long periods.

Rubber flooring
Commercial floors that receive high foot traffic such as restaurants, airports, healthcare facilities and colleges should consider this type of floor finish. They possess the following characteristics: 
•    Highly durable
•    Comfortable to walk on
•    Water and heat resistant 
•    Slip-resistant
•    Sound absorbent
They exist in a range of colors and textures that one can choose from depending on their preferences.

Hardwood flooring
This flooring has existed for ages, yet it’s never out of style. It is timeless and ideal for offices with a lot of traffic due to the following characteristics;
•    It has a classic look that elevates the feel and appearance of an offices interior
•    It is durable
•    It is easy to clean
However, it is easily damaged by moisture if not cleaned and dried righty.

Vinyl flooring
Also ideal for heavy traffic areas due to its resilience and resistance to scratches and indentation. It’s great for hospitals and retail stores. It can be supplied in different designs and colors and has the following characteristics;
•    Comfortable to walk on
•    Durable
•    Easy to maintain
•    Environmental friendly
•    Has acoustic and hygienic properties

They are very common commercial floor finishes. They come in different colors and designs, but most common are the glass tiles that are water and stain resistant. With regular cleaning, they maintain a beautiful appearance.
To decide what flooring material to use, consider the following factors;
•    Amount of traffic on the floor space
•    Ease and flexibility of repairs and maintenance
•    The rated service life
•    Costs of purchase, installation, and maintenance

The flooring finish material you choose significantly enhances the value of your space and can be what brings more customers to your business as compared to your closest competitors. 

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