Looking to Customize Your Fence? What Options You Have When It Comes to Wood Fencing

If you are looking to install a new fence around the perimeter of your property, you may be thinking about going with a wood fence Austin, TX. While many people think that all wood fences look alike, you actually have many choices to make that allow you to customize your fence. This allows you to get a fence that you love the look of and that works for your needs. Here are a few of the ways you can customize the look of a wood fence.

You Get to Pick the Type of Wood

One of the first options you have when it comes to wood fencing is that you get to pick the type of wood that is used. The type of wood you select affects the life of the fence, how much maintenance it needs and the look of the fence. In addition to selecting the type of wood, you can also select a stain color or paint color for the fence, which alters the look of the wood.

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You Can Select the Style Variety

The next option you have is the style variety of the fence. Some of the most common style varieties for wood fences include:

  • Board on board
  • Paddock
  • Picket
  • Spaced board
  • Split rail
  • Stockade

Each type of variety gives you a different look, helping you to fall in love with your wood fencing.

You Can Pick the Height

The height of the fence itself is another option that can be customized. Some people select wood fences that are only waist high, especially when building small, white picket fences. Other fences can be 8 feet, 10 feet or even 15 feet high, helping to provide you with privacy, security and protection. It also helps to enclose animals or keep children enclosed in your outdoor space.

You Can Pick the Board Width

The last way that you can customize your wood fence is by picking the width of the boards. Thin width boards are more expensive to install, but they can give off a unique, customized look to them. They also allow a bit more light in through the slats and gaps. On the other hand, wider width boards are faster to install and also give off a unique look. They offer up more privacy and fewer gaps in the boards.

When you are looking to construct a wood fence Austin, TX, talk to a professional fence installation company. They can tell you all the different ways that you can customize your wood fence and then help you determine which customization options are ideal in your situation, based on your budget and needs in a fence.

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