The Right Doors at  the Right Price for You

Count on average between 1,000 and 5,000 euros to equip your home with a quality armored door. Professionals and specialized resellers are best placed to offer you the armored door adapted to your needs. When it comes to the exterior door then you can find the best deal.

Main access or just access to circulate in the house, the choice of doors is decisive as much for the security as for the aesthetics of the house. Several parameters must be taken into account before choosing a door, among other materials, opening mode, aesthetics, size, etc. To better guide you in your selection, here are some good things to know.

The different types of doors

The doors are different in the way they open. The opening mode is to be considered first for better space management.

The swing door: classic model that opens on 90 ° on one side generally, by pushing or pulling. This is the standard model. The sliding door: mounted or surmounted by a rail or a roller, it opens on the side. 

Ideal to save space 

  • The folding door: in a more atypical style, the leaves or panels fold up so as to have an accordion opening. The pivot door: the moving part is positioned on the vertical central axis. It pivots at 90 °. Rarely used in homes, it requires a large space.
  • Most of these models can be equipped with an engine for people with reduced mobility.

Materials for doors

  • The choice of materials is also a decisive factor, despite the many possibilities. 
  • In part, also for the aesthetic aspect.

Wood: exotic wood doors are stronger and have better durability if properly maintained. PVC: One of the main advantages is the ease of maintenance of PVC. PVC door models are also wider. Aluminum: in addition to giving a very design look, this material is available in a very wide choice of colors. Steel: known for its solidity, it is often associated with other materials such as wood. Composite: a newer material, its best asset is in the absence of maintenance despite a price more expensive than the average. 

Glass: a little less ask, and more appropriate for a visit door. The glass however has the advantage of offering a beautiful light.

For an entrance door or an interior door

The criteria for choosing an entrance door are very different from that of an interior door. If the first favors the character of robustness for better security; the second priority must take into account space management and isolation. For entrance the swing doors are to favor made of tough solid materials crocheter or break. Better to go for steel or wood. The interior door focuses on both thermal and sound insulation. In addition you can afford more fantasy about the model. Door renovations are also easy to do, even with a little DIY experience. 


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