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A businessman is a person who is supposed to go for multitasking. He is supposed to conceive an idea which could be converted into a profitable business venture. Then arrange for the funds to start business. Once your business starts running then you have to ensure that the revenue keeps on increasing and when everything seems to be moving in your way, you have to ensure that your books are properly maintained and you pay the taxes in time. You can have CPA service in surprise.

What is CPA?

CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant; is the person who undergoes a tough exam as accountant, conducted by the state government to gain his license for the CPA. This license is renewed annually provided the requirement of the licensing is met. One of the conditions includes the updated professional knowledge.

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What does a CPA does?

A certified public accountant does a number of jobs which includes:

  • The most important function a CPA is to check the accounts of the firm by conducting audit of the firm. Once he is satisfied that all the rules and regulations are followed by the firm then he certifies the account of the firm. The validation of the accounts of a firm is accepted by the government agencies also as he holds a license issued by the State government itself.
  • CPA could work with a status of financial consultant providing the accounting related consultancy to its clients. He can provide advices to the clients in various issues related to the finance and accounts.
  • He could help as tax consultant providing services to the clients in preparing the tax returns. He could also provide advices on the ways and means to provide tax savings to the clients. He could help the company in dealing with stocks of the company and could take care of the accounting aspect of the stocks investment if any by the company.
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