Hot water bath in Wilderness

Trekking in the jungle or on the lonely hilly tracks is your passion. You always move on to jungles or on hilly tracks in the vacations. After the track, you must have wished to have the water bath to sooth your body from the pain and muscle cramps.  Your wishes are going to be fulfilled by wooden hot tubs.

Wooden hot tubs and sauna bath

Wooden hot tubs are the tubs which have wooden outer walls with inner porcelain or aluminum walls. They are heated with wood or electricity. Each tub has two connections lower and upper connections. The lower connection is designed to release the warm water and upper connection is designed to take the warm water.

If you do not want hot water bath but want to release the impurities of the body you can go for the sauna bath in the jungle itself. You can go and buy outside saunas for sale. There are various types of sauna bath available. Some of them are igloo shaped, some of them are rectangular in shape and some of them are up right stand. You can select the sauna bath to be kept in lawn and enjoy the sauna bath with your family. You can select the type of sauna baths as per the size and selection of the family.

Camping pods 

While trekking you must have thought to have the beds to sleep with facilities of the house in the camp but you were left with no choice but to sleep in the sleeping bag in tent. You can enjoy the night in the camping pod which are small home outside the home with all amenities of the home in the mountains. You can have camping pods for sale  for your farm house. Whenever you feel like to spend the night in outskirts you can come to your farm house and enjoy the night outside your home.

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