King Size Vs Queen Mattress Size In Singapore

Beds, a queen-size mattress and a king size mattress in Singapore; are there differences between the two? Or the only thing that sets these two apart is the name? 

Many people still don’t know the differences and similarities between king-size and queen-size mattresses. Find out what sets them apart here.


King-size mattress

The average length of a king-size mattress is 80 inches, while its width is 76 inches. King-size mattresses can fit in large-size bedrooms, such as the master’s bedroom.

Queen-size mattress

There is a wide disparity in terms of the dimension between a queen-size mattress and a single size mattress in Singapore. But between king and queen, the difference is little.

Queen-size has the same length as king-size; 80 inches. But the queen-size’s width is slightly smaller at 60 inches. A queen-size bed is perfect for medium-sized bedrooms.


King-size mattress

A king-size mattress has a better capacity than a queen mattress size in Singapore. King-size mattresses are perfect for a couple of adults with kids or pets. It is perfect for heavyweight couples, too. And because of a wider surface area, people who toss and turn in sleep a lot can enjoy a king-size bed better.

Queen-size mattress

Since queen-size mattresses are a bit smaller in terms of dimension and surface area, they can only accommodate a couple of adults. An individual with a pet or kid is good, too.

A queen-size bed is not for heavyweight couples and those who toss and turn a lot, not unless they will sleep alone in the bed.


King-size mattress

Generally, king-size beds are more expensive than queen-size due to size differences. But if you research stores, you can find affordable king-size mattresses.

Queen-size mattress

Queen-size beds are cheaper because they are smaller than king-size beds. But some stores offer even at a much lower price if you look just enough.


King-size mattress

The quality is the same with king-size and queen-size mattresses. Quality depends on the type of mattress, the materials used, and the manufacturer’s reputation.

Queen-size mattress

Queen-size has the same quality as king-size. The key is to choose the materials used, the type of mattress, and the manufacturer wisely. For example, you can find a toxic free mattress for king-size and queen-size beds.

You can guarantee you get the same quality for your king-size and queen-size if you buy from a manufacturer you truly trust.

The verdict? There is no one-size-fits-all mattress. It depends on the person’s preference. Some people like to sleep alone in a king-size bed, while others want a smaller one.
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