6 Considerations for Warehouse Space Options for Rent

It can still be daunting to lease even if you have already obtained several small B1 or B2 industrial space options for rent around Singapore. Often, the personnel in charge of the process have never worked in an industrial setting before and feel like they are venturing into unknown terrain. Remember the following pointers to make leasing an industrial space more effortless and less daunting.

#1 Learn About your Equipment

Getting a small B1 or B2 industrial space for rent in Singapore will be useless if it cannot fit the machinery and equipment you need. Take the time to discover the specifications of each piece of equipment before you begin your search. It will make evaluating the appropriateness of industrial buildings much more effortless.

#2 Think About the Doors, Floors & Ceilings

You may not give much thought to the ceiling and flooring in an office. However, when looking at small B1 or B2 industrial space options for rent around Singapore, you cannot afford to ignore them. Check that the ceilings are high enough to handle your equipment and warehouse shelves. Also, the flooring should be robust to take the weight of not just your machinery. However, it also should accommodate your staff and other things you will store on-site. You should also consider if the door is wide enough to fit more sizable items.

#3 Consider Electricity & Connectivity

Wiring might differ from building to building, especially in a warehouse space for rent. Hence, ensure the options you are considering are compatible with your equipment. Account for how many electrical outlets are currently accessible. Examine the area with your smartphone for dead zones that may interfere with the usage of mobile devices and other wirelessly connected equipment.

#4 Determine Your Layout

Consider what other purposes the facility will fulfil in addition to the core goal of the industrial space. Determine if you require management offices in the warehouse space you saw for rent in one part of Singapore. Think if you will also need break rooms and substantial storage spaces.

#5 Consider the Area / Location

It is usual for industrial buildings to be in more remote regions, especially for a small B2 industrial space for rent around Singapore. Hence, you will need to consider where you want your money. Consider how long the commute will take and nearby restaurants, shops, or services.

#6 Determine the Controls in the Space

Learn everything you can about environmental controls in the warehouse space you found for rent. Determine if your employees can work comfortably and if you can control the room temperature and humidity specifications. Learn about the fire suppression and anti-theft security systems they currently have to protect your staff and property.

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