A Quick Guide on the Importance of Aircon Chemical Washing

It is still best to clean your air conditioning unit at least once a year, even if your air conditioner is in good operating order. Regular cleaning is imperative due to potential dust and grime collection on your units, especially in high-traffic areas like the coil and air filters. If you do nothing, the ability of your aircon unit to supply cool air for your home may suffer. Conducting routine cleaning can help avoid expensive aircon repair and servicing around Singapore.

What to Look Out For

Your air conditioner has two parts: the condenser and the fan coil. If these two components are unclean, your air conditioner will blast heated air. Backflow caused by a clogged drainage pipe can also cause leakage, which you can avoid with frequent cleaning. Furthermore, the humid weather in Singapore can accelerate the growth of bacteria and mould within the air conditioning unit. The unpleasant odour from your air conditioning unit should remind you to undertake a routine aircon chemical cleaning.

Tips for Choosing a Reliable Aircon Servicing Firm

Your air conditioning unit will perform poorly the longer you wait to contact an aircon repair and service company in Singapore. Look for an experienced AC repair and servicing firm before this happens. Here are some ideas to help you limit your options.

#1 Consider Experience & Expertise

Determine how long the contractors have been in the industry before picking an air conditioning service firm. It is also advisable to read feedback from previous customers or ask for referrals from acquaintances, relatives or friends. Their practical experience may attest to their knowledge. Choose a company with years of practical experience & expertise in aircon troubleshooting.

#2 Explore Other Services

Air conditioning accounts for 43% of your entire energy use. Inquire about other services the aircon repair and servicing in Singapore offers and whether they can help improve the energy efficiency of your unit.

#3 Assess Credentials

Examine the credentials of each aircon service and repair firm in Singapore you are considering. Check to see if the servicing firm is licensed, bonded, and insured. It is also a good idea to look into general liability and compensation insurance for workers.

Coldway Aircon Service is an air conditioning repair and maintenance company in Singapore. The services provided by the firm range from air conditioning and condenser cleaning to chemical washing and overhaul. Coldway Aircon Service has a stable clientele that includes commercial and household customers. Check out Coldway Aircon Service’s website to learn more about the firm, aircon chemical wash and other services and its price ranges.

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