How to Make Swing Doors Safer for Your Employees

You may not think that swing doors can be hazardous for your employees. But according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there have been many accidents that have resulted in the following:

  • 120 amputations
  • 410 traumatic injuries or disorders
  • 100 back injuries

There were over 1,200 additional injuries that have been caused by swing door accidents. However, these numbers only include private sector data, and all of them required employees to miss work for several days or more.

We put so little thought into a simple thing as a door that we don’t even think of it as a hazard, but opening a door can cause serious injury to someone standing on the other side. Noise and other distractions can make the problem worse, especially if there are swing doors that are made of heavy steel. Placing cones and flashing lights may work in the short term. But as time passes, your employees could ignore them.

Many of these tools can fix the problem temporarily, and the time and money that may be lost from injured employees who can’t show up for work can be costly to your company. So, you should find a more permanent solution that can keep injuries down to a minimum.

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Install an Automatic Swing Door Opener

An automatic swing door opener can open and close the door when someone approaches it, and they come in three main types:

  • Full Energy– Opens and closes the door at the maximum possible speed.
  • Low Energy– Opens and closes the door at a reduced speed, which can make it safer for people with disabilities.
  • Power Assist– Lets the user open the door manually at a reduced level of force and closes it in the same manner as a low energy opener.

Full energy openers are popular in retail environments, but they typically prefer to use them on sliding doors. Low energy openers are used in environments that want to make things safer and more accessible for disabled people. And they’re often installed in small businesses, apartments, and bathrooms.

An automatic swing door opener may have sensors that can prevent the door from hitting someone who approaches it, and it can reduce the risk of injuries in warehouses and other high-traffic areas. Full energy door openers need to have at least three sensors, but they aren’t required for low energy operators. In the past, sensors were special floor mats that detected the weight of someone approaching, and they will trigger the door to open from one side or the other. Now, infrared sensors are more popular. They’re mounted to the sides of the door frame, and they can detect someone.


If your work area has a lot of people moving back and forth, implementing certain door safety procedures can keep your company productive because it can reduce the risk of injury. Not only can the paperwork for claiming a work-related accident be time-consuming, but having too many people off the floor can also damage your company’s ability to make money. While you may not be aware of it until something happens, doors can be hazardous. And if an incident occurs, it can cause serious injuries to your employees.

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