Electronic Security Measures to Consider for Your HDB Main Door

For a house to feel like home, there is one thing you should prioritise: security. Thousands of households fall victim to incidents like burglaries, property damage, and more each year. If you live in an HDB flat or house, your need for security does not go away. You should look for ways to protect your HDB flat’s gate and main door. Simple door locks are inefficient for protecting homes today.

Do not underestimate the value of multiple layers of protection. Each security measure you install in your house decreases the risk of harm to residents or damage to your property. Many HDB flats or housing units may not offer the kind of protection you are looking for. You might want to consider installing security measures instead of only relying on an HDB metal gate for protection.

Here are a few examples of electronic security measures to consider for your home.

1. Auto gate

An automatic gate has many purposes for homeowners. While an ordinary metal gate in Singapore requires time and energy to lock, you can secure an auto gate with only a push of a button. You can also remotely control an auto gate.

2. Electronic door locks

You can use electronic door locks to take it a step further. They work better than manual door locks because they rely on more secure and advanced methods. Electronic locks help people access their homes quickly using keypad combinations, biometrics, ID recognition, and other advanced features.

3. Fire alarms, systems, and doors

Fires are one of the deadliest (yet common) disasters to happen in residential areas. Finding a fire rated door, installing a fire alarm, or maintaining sprinklers might be the only thing between you and fire risks.
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