4 Interior Design Secrets For Boosting Your Interior Space!

Interior design is the answer to boosting your interior space. But how do you exactly do it? Almost every residential and commercial interior design company in Singapore has their own secrets when enhancing the interiors. From choosing the best colour palette to solving the most common decorating dilemmas. There are many things that separate the pros from the novice!

If you can’t figure out exactly what to do with your interior, here are a few interior design secret tricks you can follow:

You can use bold wallpaper inside your bathroom

You can provide any rooms (especially smaller ones with funny corners) with enhancement with the help of bold wallpapers. Wallpaper can throw a ‘busy’ look and conceals the imperfection hiding in walls to make it look alive and glam! It can trick your eyes into hiding any angled corner inside the room.

You can mix patterns

When it comes to opting for interior renovation in Singapore, there are homeowners that desire colourful pattern-heavy looks. However, it can be tricky to nail down a patterned area without getting yourself into trouble finding the best style. The answer to this design and decor dilemma is to choose a contrasting pattern. You can play with a sofa or bed pillows to get a good grasp on making pattern combinations.

Mix old with new designs

Another secret that many aren’t aware of in interior design is mixing old ‘designs’ with new ones. Who says that every interior design is about 100% transformation? A complete 360-degree design is often costly and would need an interior design firm in Singapore. If you want something that is fully practical to improve your home space, you can mix and match old designs with new ones.

Use black colour to create an accent

If you’re going for a simpler and brighter look for your home (such as the colour white), you can use black to create a remarkable accent. Painting the window frame or buying black-coloured furniture can help.Are you looking for an interior design firm in Singapore? Visit Fineline for reliable interior design and renovation solutions!

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