5 Reasons to Choose Indoor Laundry Drying Over Outdoor

Most of us dry our clothes outdoors, under the sun. After all, Singapore is blessed with lots of sunlight all year round. Why not put the heat to good use, right? Solar drying has seen various techniques ever since. Those with open yards put up long clotheslines where they hang their laundry during the day. Those living in apartments often install metal rods outside their windows instead. 

While it has been the custom for years, outdoor solar drying can also have disadvantages. Today, we will share some downsides of drying your clothes outdoors and how you can solve them.

1. Air Pollution

The severity of air pollution in Singapore is evident in the smog we often see at dawn. This smog contains smoke, dust particles, and animal dander’s. When clumped together, they will be more visible to the naked eye. The area where they clumped up most often is, you’ve guessed it right, our damped laundry outdoors. 

2. Unpredictable Weather Conditions

Weather has always been unpredictable. However, climate change has further complicated it. Today, it is typical to experience an uncomfortably hot morning and rainy afternoon. Changing weather is not very good when you hang your clothes outdoors for solar drying.

3. Small Space Living

As small space living is encouraged in Singapore, finding an adequate space for solar drying outdoors can be challenging. It is even rarer to see yards with clotheslines today than laundry shops offering a solar clothes dryer.

4. Ordinances

Some places do not allow the installation of clotheslines or rods for solar drying. Thus, the household will have to resort to sending their clothes to laundry shops for wash and dry services. Good thing that this is not the only option you have.

5. About Indoor Laundry Drying System

An innovative way to dry clothes without hanging them outside, indoor laundry drying is becoming popular in many households in Singapore today. With an indoor laundry drying system, you can line your clothes inside your house where the sunlight passes through from the windows. This way, you can effectively dry your clothes without the risk of subjecting them to dirt, theft or rainfall.

Steigen Singapore offers a quality indoor laundry drying system that is fabricated from Germany, along with an indoor laundry drying system of various sizes. Apart from an indoor solar clothes dryer, Steignen also offers installation services to help you have secure and functional equipment for indoor laundry drying. Visit Steigen today to learn more.

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