Wimbledon Loft Extensions and Conversions – Top Ways to Lower Costs

Loft conversions come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and styles. There are a lot of options and if you ‘opt’ for them all, the price tag can be heavy. If you have a big budget, that’s all very well and good. However, if you are on a tight budget there are ways to keep costs down to a minimum and still get that precious extra space. Without doubt, some careful forward planning and clever budgeting can really save the funds. You might be considering a loft extension or conversion to accommodate an extra guest room, or a well-needed office space. Whatever your plans, here are few ways to help keep costs down.

Starting with Structure

If you are planning a cosy little bedroom for guests it might not be necessary to raise the height of your roof, or add windows. It depends upon what the loft space is going to be used for. If the roof needs to be raised, a window or skylight is needed, this will add significantly to the cost, so think carefully. Keeping the loft space structurally the same will save a small fortune.  That said, sometimes it is worth spending just a bit more to ensure the room will actually meet its function. If you are uncomfortable in the space, it’s not going to be a place you want to spend time. If you were planning to use the new space for an office, saving that money would probably be at the expense of your comfort. Think about how limiting the budget and not raising the height or adding a window, will limit the use in real terms: Then weigh the pros and cons.

Paperwork & Permissions

There are many different styles of loft conversion. Many do not require planning permission and can be completed under the UK’s permitted development rights. If the extension will not exceed 40/50 cubic meters and not exceed above the highest point of your current roof structure, they usually do not need permission. Planning permissions cost money. Keeping within the limits is another good way to keep costs down. If you will need permissions get your paperwork in as early as possible. However, make sure your conversion plans are finalised. If you change your mind about something, after the application is made, you will have to start from zero all over again.

Take Control

Managing your own loft conversion project can save a lot of money. However, organising and getting the timing right can be tricky: Especially if you work long hours, have a busy work, social and family life. Even if you keep things simple, seeing through a loft conversion project is no easy task. Ensure you have everything in writing and do take the time to read the contract fully, when getting quotes.

If you would like to consult the professionals and get more information try Wimbledon loft extensions and conversions. A steady first step to take control and get started!

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