Tips On What To Evaluate Before Choosing Your Next Apartment

Despite the most bureaucratic and sometimes a little boring part, change is always an interesting experience. Choosing a new place or Condo such as Condo nearby bts Ratchayothin (คอน โด ใกล้ BTS รัช โยธิน which is the term in Thai) to live brings a series of new things to life: new neighborhood, new neighbors, new horizons, in short, moving house or apartment is changing an essential part of everyday life.

It is good to keep in mind that the decision will influence in many aspects, hence the need to make a well-thought-out choice and consider several factors – even those that can go unnoticed in the excitement. We’ve put together tips on what to think and research before you hammer and sign the contract:

1 – Safety Is Essential

First of all, find out a little about the neighborhood you intend to move to. Knowing the local routine, private security in the nearby streets, and learning a little about the crime rate are some essential points. Each state’s public security secretariat website provides much of this information, but the in-situ research is very valid and perhaps richer. So, try to visit the specific neighborhood or street where you are interested in alternative hours. That way, you’ll be able to get an idea about the movement, if there is an establishment that makes a lot of noise until late, little or little vehicular traffic, and so on.

In this first moment of research, it is also worth chatting with the condominium security guards, doorkeepers, or janitors; they are usually helpful and ready to help with information about the building and the neighborhood. Analyze the condominium’s security culture and the team’s training, verifying whether the Internal Regulation is concerned with the matter. Observe site access control routines, especially about service providers and visitors. In addition, it is worth talking to locals. They usually go out in the morning or at the end of the day to walk their pets, and this can be a good time to approach them informally to learn a little about the place.

Check the building facilities, verifying that the physical and electronic security structures are adequate. CCTV system, double gates, and perimeter security are minimum items that must exist.

2 – Find Out About Hydraulic And Electrical Installations

This is one of those topics that go unnoticed but are super important, especially in the case of older buildings. Knowing about the apartment’s history and the plumbing and electrical installations prevents surprises and unexpected expenses. The best way to find out more about this is to talk to the building’s janitor or superintendent. Or, it is possible to hire a specialized professional to carry out a general inspection of the facilities. If you choose the first alternative, ask about these points and find out if recent maintenance.

Also, analyze the maintenance of the building as a whole, making sure that there is periodic maintenance planning and budget forecast to keep the condominium in good condition.

3 – The Garage And Its Parking Space

Most apartments these days have one or more parking spaces. The older ones sometimes don’t, so you need this information first and foremost if you have a car. But, in addition to knowing the availability of the space, it is necessary to understand its availability in the garage and whether there is a draw system. There are almost impossible spaces to stop a car, huge ones. So, visit the garage and ask to see the exact position of your future parking space. Having a headache every day to get in and out of the car shouldn’t be in your plans.

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