Four Ways To Totally Reinvent Your Outdoor Space

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Redesigning your garden can have the same effects as redesigning your home’s interior. It can look more appealing, encourage you to use the space differently, and even improve the property’s value. And, as the new year arrives, it can be the perfect time to change your style and usage of your outdoor space.

Whether you have a large garden or a relatively modest space, and whether you are looking to splash out or spend only on the essentials, there are a number of options for garden makeovers, those that can totally reinvent your garden. 

Change The Ecosystem

A garden is a small ecosystem, one that thrives in tandem with the local area. It is, however, not entirely dependent on the same rules, however, and for those with green fingers, an exciting new natural space can be created for little cost and of huge benefit to both your home’s aesthetic and the local flora and fauna.

Certain plants, for example, such as the large growing Himalayan honeysuckle, might not be native to the country but can do exceptionally well here regardless. It provides pollinating insects with an abundance of food and has flowers with the most vibrant colour. It only takes a single plant and suddenly the colour scheme of your outdoor space has brightened.

Establish A New Space

Some of us may have sheds in our gardens. Others, empty space. There is a growing number of residents, however, that are establishing log cabins and other such outbuildings in their gardens, creating a personal space that benefits from the immersion in nature.

These outbuildings can be customised for various uses. So, if you’re looking for a new place to watch your favourite movies, host a games night, or simply relax privately in your garden, they are an excellent investment.

Growth Not Grass

Our lawns and plant pots are not solely for visual pleasure. In fact, a garden can very easily become a smallholding with only a few minor tweaks. Even modest gardens and balcony spaces can be fitted with vertical planters and stacked pots to enable vegetables, fruits, and herbs to prosper.

By undertaking this design choice, you will find yourself no longer viewing your garden as a space to necessarily relax in but one that is an extension of the kitchen. Though, with creative planning, the two uses are not mutually exclusive.

Source Of Sustainability

Having access and the use of an outdoor space can be beneficial not only to the home but the planet. The installation of rainwater facilities, solar panels, and compost bins are all fantastic resources that improve a home’s carbon footprint. Many of these initiatives are also being subsidised by local councils too, so be sure to enquire about any potential cost-saving support you may be able to receive.

Such pursuits are also likely to save you money too, making their already low cost even more appealing as your energy bills and water costs drop significantly.

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