Rent or buy?  Advantages and Disadvantages

Renting is often the most economical and the most reasonable solution for housing. But is this the right choice in your situation? Should not you rather buy your home? The question needs to be asked. And to decide, here are the advantages and disadvantages of both formulas.

Rent: Advantages and Disadvantages



The main advantage to rent is probably the freedom that the tenant has to the property (house, apartment, and studio), especially if an Ocean Grande Condos. The commitment of a tenant is minimal. Its lease contract can be short-term and can be terminated fairly quickly. His capital is not fixed.

Rent is Faster

The steps to take are simple and fast. In any case compared to those that would require the purchase of the same good.


Money “in the Air”

The money invested in rent is somehow “lost.” Unlike the purchase, it will not be used for the constitution of a heritage. The tenant will never become the owner of the property he lives in.

Dependent on the owner the tenant is always dependent on the wishes of the owner of the property who may, at the end of the lease, refuse to renew or decide to resell the property. In short, except to end up by redeeming the property, the tenant is fundamentally bound to its owner and his goodwill, even if the signing of a lease (lease) and registration protects him from all excesses.

From a practical point of view, when we rent, we must not forget:

  • The rental guarantee
  • Rent indexation
  • Expenses related to the use

Purchasing: Advantages and Disadvantages


Purchasing is Safer

Much less subject to fluctuations in stock market values, investment in brick is a place often considered safe. Your capital is invested in something solid and durable like buying a Hillsboro Mile Condos. Which, in the long run, gives you some security.

Better to Repay a Loan than a Rent

The monthly repayment of a loan can be equivalent to the amount of rent except that in the end, you will become the owner of your property. Ask your banker, for example.

Sometimes Buying allows you to Benefit from Aids and Bonuses

The purchase of a property in places like Hillsboro Beach Real Estate may in some cases be accompanied by bonuses and subsidies that make an investment in the brick a more advantageous solution in the long term than the simple rental of a home.


Investing in a Fluctuating Market

It’s important to keep in mind that the value of your property will still be subject to supply and demand fluctuation and the health of the real estate market, and more generally, the health of the economy.

Your Money is “Blocked”

The purchase of a good is a real commitment that implies that your money is somehow “blocked” and that it is quite difficult to recover quickly.

A loan is often Heavier than a Rent

In the majority of cases, the purchase of a property is accompanied by the repayment of a loan that will be heavier to bear than a simple rent.

From a practical point of view, when you buy, do not forget all the associated costs:

  • Housing tax
  • Property charges
  • Property taxes
  • The interest rate of the loan
  • Notary fees
  • Possible agency fees
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