Planning For a Home Move- A Detailed Guide

So, you have set your move date and you know the place where you are moving. But planning for a home move after getting the moving date estimation feels overwhelming. There are so many things to do while it comes to moving and this makes one confused about from where to start. So, to help you out, this article offers a guide to help you establish the tasks, which need to get done and when to ensure that you don’t miss anything.

Plan of eight weeks before moving:

It is just two months before saying goodbye to your present home, your family, friends and neighborhood. This can make you feel a bit overwhelmed. There is nothing to worry. Keep a handy list prepared and tick the items off as you complete those.

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Plan of six weeks before moving:

The moving time is almost approaching and if you have already followed the 8 week guide, then there is nothing to be worried. At this stage you should clean out the closets and should be prepared to call the moving service.

Plan of four weeks before moving:

With just a month before moving the big way, you may feel that you will never get things done, but it is actually possible to do. This is the stage when you should start concentrating on small things. Here the tasks mainly include contacting the service providers and then asking them for transferring your home utilities to the new address. It is the time when you should call the movers, get the quote, compare the rates of different moving companies and then select the one, which suits your requirements. Next thing you need to do is select the moving date.

Plan of two weeks before moving:

At this time, you are all set to start your move and therefore it can be a stressful time sorting and packing things properly and labeling. You may find that there is less time to complete everything. So, you can call your friends or family members and take their help while spending some quality time with them.

A few days before moving:

Now, only a few days are left before saying goodbye to your present home, your bedroom and your neighborhood. By this time, you are all set to move anticipating the new beginning. But there are actually some more things that should be done in the next few days.

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