7 Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for your Home

Landscaping is a great way to beautify your home. But the truth is that some landscaping styles are high-maintenance and can, therefore, be a huge drag on your finances. Not everyone finds it fun to use weekends, vacation and springtime to do gardening work.

It’s best to find Houston landscaping ideas that are low maintenance if you’re from the Texas region. Here are seven low maintenance landscaping ideas you can apply to save time and money.

Create a rock garden

The beauty of rock gardens is that you fill it with drought-tolerant plants. So you won’t need to water them too many times, and still, they will beautify your yard or outside. Grass does not grow on rocks, so no trimming needed.

Use tall grasses

Use native tall grasses like switchgrass or fountaingrass because they grow quickly and require little maintenance, so no need to mow them ever! You can place them in different geometric designs in the yard, or you can choose to place them in a line near your fence.

Fake grass is fine

It’s ok to use fake grass because time is precious and you simply want your lawn and front to look good. Plus, it’s easy to install, and it does not need to be cut or watered. If you have pets, they can run and roll over it as much as they want without damaging it.

Mulching is effective

Another easy to use technique for creating a healthy garden is mulching. Mulch is a material that is layered on top of the soil. It prevents erosion and regulates soil temperature. This makes the soil healthy for plants and makes them strong against disease and pests. This boosts the strength of your garden, thus requiring less maintenance and care.

Mulch also lessens weeds, so you don’t waste time taking out weeds. You have a variety of choices for your mulch like partially decomposed leaves, straw, compost and decomposing wood chips. The important thing to remember is to keep them all natural.

Use perennial plants

Instead of annual ones which can only give your garden beauty for one year, try perennial plants. They last for at least three years or more. Here are examples of perennial plants you can choose for your garden. By using perennial over annual plants, you save planting time.

Potted plants work

You should keep your plants in pots so that they become mobile and you can adjust their position in your yard as needed. For aesthetic purposes, you can also color the pots to match the surroundings. Another reason why potted plants are low maintenance is that they require no weeding and they are less prone to plant diseases.

Create a patio

Landscaping is not just about lawns; patios work also. You can pave it with concrete, tiles or bricks. Add some beanbags, carpet or furniture, and you’re ready to go! Nothing to maintain. Just a relaxing place to relax for your family. It can be used to play for your kids or a barbeque grilling place for a star-filled quiet evenings.

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