Home Elevator Safety – It’s Safer Than You May Think

People might think there are no real dangers associated with a home elevator because there aren’t too many floors for it to lift you high off the ground. However, home elevators can still malfunction or even get stuck if they are not properly maintained. You have to remember that elevators in commercial buildings are constantly maintained and cared for by a staff of professional maintenance people. With home elevators, it is up to the home owner to make sure their elevator stays in line. Obviously, most people are not mechanics or professionals in the area of elevator maintenance. The only thing home elevator owners will have is a manual and a support number to ask questions.

Fortunately, many home elevator companies offer warranty plans on their elevators that range from 90 days to five years. That means if there is a mechanical problem that is causing your home elevator to malfunction, then they will send a repair person to fix your elevator free of charge. This is something that all home elevator owners will want to have because it will increase their chances of keeping the elevator safe for use.

You are probably thinking, “What happens if I am in the elevator and it still malfunctions? The warranty won’t save me from claustrophobia or being stuck in there for hours or even days.” These are all reasonable worries, but don’t worry because modern technology will come to the rescue. All home elevators of the 21st century come with a 24-hour emergency service that can be activated by hitting the red emergency button on the control panel. This is similar to the emergency button you see on commercial elevators. But in a home elevator, it will notify the elevator company and they will send someone to help you right away.

Some companies have their own people that come to help while others will just notify the authorities on your behalf. Either way, you can rest assured that home elevator safety is top notch these days. Even if the power goes out at your home while you are in the elevator, it will still have an emergency telephone that runs through the phone line. This means the power doesn’t have to work in order to use the phone. But chances are, it will be very rare for any of these issues to occur. Of course, when they do arise you will be prepared for them with all of the elevator’s safety features.


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