Guidelines for Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Blind

Are you still using curtains as your bathroom window? If yes, maybe you know by now that you made a wrong choice on your bathroom window covering. In general, curtains are not recommended for bathrooms because it cannot withstand the moisture and humidity bathroom has to face on a daily basis. If you are thinking about replacing your window cover, you should consider blinds for the bathroom window.

Compared to your curtains, blinds are designed for all types of environment especially the blinds that are designed for bathroom use. As you choose blinds as a new replace here are tips you can use in order to find the perfect bathroom blind:

  1. Avoid using real wood as much as possible

You must keep in mind that using a real wood is not recommended on places with a damp and humid environment like the bathroom because it can easily stain and wrap. If you can’t help yourself, you can go for those fabulous and realistic looking Faux Wood Blinds which are designed with a look of a real wood and is perfect for your bathroom or kitchen windows.

  1. Select a suitable fabric for your bathroom window blinds

Besides real wood, you should also avoid using the following fabric such as cotton, linen, and silk. This is essential because the moisture inside the bathroom can easily get caught to these fabrics fibers and the end results are not really pretty. Instead of these fabrics, you should go for PVC and polyesters for your bathroom windows.

  1. Consider using Roller Blinds

You can actually use any types of blinds for your bathroom but, amongst all of the blinds, roller blinds are considered as the best choice for bathrooms. Unlike others, roller blinds cam be pulled leaving it out of the way of splashes, stains and provide shade from the sun which is great for privacy too. Aside from that, many prefer this blind because it is a perfect statement piece for a plain bathroom.

  1. Opt for blinds that are designed for sunny or bright rooms

If your bathroom has a lot of sunshine or too much brightness is coming outdoor, you can lessen the bright light with a Venetian blind. This blind is designed with a movable slat that is excellent at directing away sunlight but still allowing light to enter the room.

  1. Choose a blind that can provide Privacy

If your bathroom has huge windows and is overlooked, you can pick a bottom up roller blinds. This blind is great because you can raise the blind as far as you want to complete privacy as you allow the light to pass through the upper portion of your windows.

As you follow these tips, you can surely end up with your ideal type of bathroom blind that can also provide your bathroom needs.

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