Guide to choosing the best bedroom furniture

When it comes to selecting the best bedroom furniture there is no doubt that wood should be at the top of your list. Wood is one of the most commonly used materials for crafting bedroom furniture. Almost any type of wood can be used to craft bedroom furniture. It is important to know that not woods are created equal. Depending on the look you are going for you could opt for beautiful wood, durable wood or versatile wood.

The database for wood is vast and you need to make sure that the wood you choose for your bedroom is perfectly suited for its use. The wood you chose for your bedroom will also vary in price depending on which type you select. You will need to take your budget and the use of the furniture into consideration when choosing which would you would like to use in your bedroom.

Another aspect that you will need to keep in mind, is that the lifespan of the wood would play a huge role in the number of time you will need to restore your bedroom furniture pieces. Through this guide, we hope to enlighten you on several aspects surrounding various wood and their ideal purposes. Before we start you need to know that one of the simplest ways to distinguish between different woods is through the hardness.


Hardwood comes from Angiosperms such as maple, oak, and walnut. These trees lose their leaves annually. As they grow slowly, hardwood has denser wood fibers. This also makes hardwood rare. As hardwood is rare, it is relatively expensive compared to softwood. Hardwoods are durable and require very little maintenance. Hardwoods are perfect for making sturdy bedroom sets.

  • Mahogany – This is one of the most popular hardwood tropical trees. Mahogany wood is prized for its beauty, durability, and color. It offers rich tones.
  • Walnut – This is one of the most popular choices for furniture across the globe. Walnut wood offers dimensional stability, is shock resistance, and comes in a stunning array of colors.
  • Red Oak – Oak trees are native to the northern hemisphere. There are around 600 species of oak, both deciduous and evergreen. Oakwood is remarkably strong, heavy, and durable. It is also resistant to fungal attacks.
  • Ash – Ash trees are medium to large trees that grow in most parts of the world. Ashwood feels smooth to the touch. It is durable, tough, and flexible. It has excellent nailing, screw holding, and gluing properties.
  • Maple – Maple trees are mostly native to Asia. But they are also found in Europe, North Africa, and North America. The maple wood is sturdy, resistant to splitting, and durable. It can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, making it ideal for kitchen furniture.


Softwood comes from gymnosperms, which are evergreen trees. Softwood includes trees such as pine, spruce, fir, cedar, juniper, redwood, and yew. Evergreen trees tend to be less dense than deciduous trees. Thus, it is easier to cut them down. Generally, furniture made from softwoods are harder to maintain and require more care.

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