Exterior House Cleaning Services Valparaiso Indiana

Decorative paint techniques spice up the outlook of your home or office. Unlike solid color, they add texture, pattern, and visual depth to the color scheme in the home. Not only that, they add a splash of personal and creative touch to the room. It entails the application of one or more colors of translucent glaze over a base color to give an exotic finish. Other times, antique finishes can be applied to give the walls a uniquely aged outlook. That being said, the techniques are applied to spike the texture and pattern of your home to give a stylish finish. Exterior house cleaning services Valparaiso Indiana uses some applied details like stripes, faux surfaces, stencils, and stamps to achieve the desired result.


This comes into play when you have to choose the most suitable color for your home. You could get inspiration from your immediate environment – nature, colorful artworks, architectural designs, and your outfit and so on. When you gather inspiration from these sources, you could get a color or a combination of colors that will be appealing to the eyes.

Perhaps you have conflicting ideas about colors or the inspiration in the environment is not enough to help you make a choice, you could ask for some other individual’s opinion.

Colors in nature

When you talk about colors, there are a lot to be chosen from – tree trunks, stone walls, bricks, gardens. For example, if you want to create a fresh and natural atmosphere, the greens in the garden can be inspirational. However, you can also choose from your paintings or collect photos of some other people’s gardens. After perusing a list of choices, you will be familiar with your pattern of choices.

You may notice a certain attraction to shades of green in the garden. Likewise, it may be the soft pastels of a romantic rose garden. It may be the bright colors in a bed of dahlias or in a sunflower field. As you consistently narrow down your preferred shades, you could gather paint chips or flower cutting and obtain a mix of colors that look good together. Not only greens, subtle earth tones do the trick as well. Check out how they blend with the colors of the garden.

A favorite object

When you want to develop a color scheme, a piece of fabric, special rug, paintings or china pattern can be starting points. When you want to select an option, choose multi-colored objects. These objects have the advantage to provide a ready-made palette. Meanwhile, even though there may be many colors to choose from, you do not have to use all the colors, you could choose the ones you like the most.

However, texture or pattern has a great effect on color, so both do not have to match. The most important thing is for the colors to blend well with one another. For example, a red-violet item could blend well with a warmer red.

Compatible colors are best detected from afar as they may be eluded when viewed at close range. For instance, a green fabric with a yellow design could be perceived as olive from a distance.

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