Guide to Choosing an Amazing Letting Agent

Are you looking for an amazing letting agent? Dealing with unprofessional and untrustworthy letting agents might just turn out to be extremely painful to you, the landlord. This is a guide on how to choose an Amazing Letting Agent who is professional and will enable you rent out your property to an appropriate tenant for the best possible return.

1. Good in marketing and advertising

An amazing Letting Agent will be proactive in marketing and advertising your property so as to ensure that you are getting the best possible value from your property. The agent should be able to find a good tenant that as soon as the property becomes available to let. You should check whether they already have tenants on their books who could have interest in renting your property.

2. Proficient in Safety legislation

A good letting agent should be well aware of all the existing pieces of legislation in place to protect the safety of the tenants and the safety of your property. The letting agent should be able to make sure that your property is in compliance with the rules.

3. Repairs and Maintenance.

The letting agent must carry out regular inspections of the property to make sure everything is in order and that any maintenance issues are taken care of immediately. An amazing letting agent has a list of trade’s people who are specialized in performing repairs such as plumbers for broken water pipes. This ensures that the property remains in excellent condition and attractive to tenants.

4. Ask around

The most reliable and recommended way to choose an amazing letting agent is to look for one that has the most positive reviews. In case you know other landlords in the vicinity, you should enquire from them the letting agent they would recommend. This method is the most effective since the landlords have experience working with the letting agent and they also serve as a credible reference.

5. Compliance with deposit law

The letting agent should be able to deal with any issues concerning the security deposit that is paid by the tenant at the start of the contract. This money is held by the letting agent on behalf of the landlord in case of any property damage caused by the tenant. The law demands that the deposit must be registered with a government approved tenancy deposit scheme. Enquire from the letting agent the details of the scheme that they use.

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