Do You Want To Install Solar Panel At Your Premises? The List of Components You Need

In Australia, there is abundant sunshine available and hence it makes sense to install solar panels, as electricity is quite expensive these days. Therefore, installing a solar panel at home or office is considered to be an excellent investment.

However, while going for solar power Perth in your premises it is important to see what is the space required for this project. Also, before you select your right solar panel you must know what are the various components that will be installed at your premises.

For a standard commercial solar panel Perth,the following are the list of components:

  • Commercial solar panels
  • AC/DC disconnects
  • Solar inverter
  • Meters
  • Wiringmay
  • Racking
  • Mounting

Besides the above components, a few commercial solar system Perth may also need a few extra off-grid modules e.g.

  • Commercial solar batteries
  • Charge controllers
  • Balancing systems

Therefore the necessary space requirements must be considered before you go for an installation. For any building with a large roof, space may not be an issue, however, for any high-rise buildings generally there exist less space.

Most of the commercially available solar panels have a capacity of around 250 to 400 watts. Therefore, if you go for a solar panel of 1kilowatt capacity then it will need three or four, and if you go for one megawatt then it will use between 2500 to 4000. The size and wattage of a solar panel will be decided by its design requirements:

  • Solar cell material: Polycrystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon, thin-film substrates such as Cadmium Telluride or Copper Indium Gallium diselenide (CIGS).
  • The number of solar cells: In most cases 60 or 72.

Only monocrystalline solar panels have got the highest efficiency that means they can offer more watts/square meters. Polycrystalline panels will be slightly less efficient and need extra space for any given capacity.

Lastly, thin-film panels will be the least efficient, but need more space. Currently, most solar power systems will use mono or polycrystalline silicon panels.

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