Different types of Rugs for bedrooms

Rug is the floor covering option for better insulation under bare foot and a complementary look of your bedroom or any other space. Rugs are available in high versatility of color, style and patterns with minimum need of maintenance according to their quality. Different bedrooms need different rugs to match their background decorations. Here are some common types of area rugs to choose rugs for your bedrooms.

Polypropylene Rugs

These synthetic Rugs are thinner than wool rugs but are very soft under feet and are available at low prices. They are fade resistant as well as easy to clean. They are highly durable and can be used in every type of space with heavy or less foot traffic.

Wool Rugs

It is a natural rug, which is traditionally hand woven or hand knotted. They are highly expensive because of their expensive building and excellent quality. A heirloom investment for forthcoming generations. These rugs can withstand heavy foot traffic as well. They are commonly used on bedrooms and entryways. Wool rugs are one of those drugs which can hold color beautifully with long lifespan. It is very easy to maintain the wool rugs with a regular vacuuming. They are available in blend with synthetic fibers like Polyester Rugs, which also lasts for a long time but they are not true wool area rugs. They are expensive for mimicking wool rugs.

Silk Rugs

These rugs can be pure silk rugs or other blends of silk. The silk has a characteristic shine that cannot come with any other fiber type. Silk rugs are thin, fine and soft in their nature. They are incredibly delicate and unique rugs. It takes some time and effort to maintain silk rugs because of their fine and thin threads knotting with heavy expenses. These rugs are good for low traffic areas. The blends of silk with synthetic fibers are long lasting as well as can withstand heavy foot traffic. They add an extraordinary astonishing style to your bedroom and luxury feel under your feet.

Cotton Rugs

These rugs are popular among people because they are easily available at low prices as alternatives of silk and wool. Everything which has pros obviously with cons, in case of cotton rugs, stuff tends to fade quickly and is not resistant to stains. They do not last for decades and are a smarter choice when used casually. If you are a moody person then, you must select cotton rugs so that you can change them easily, whenever your mood changes. These rugs are easy to maintain at less expenses as well as they are good as non-toxic rugs for the users.

Jute and Bamboo Rugs

These are the natural rugs, which add a natural attraction in your bedroom. If your bedroom is textured and you are wandering for a textured rug then, you should try jute and bamboo rugs. They are available at low prices, which make them more valuable. Natural rugs are good deals for bedrooms as a decorative idea. These rugs are usually smaller in size this is why they can be used as layering underneath smaller. Their maintenance is a little expensive and difficult.

Leather and sheepskin Rugs

The rugs which are composed by the hide of animals are sheepskin rugs while leather rugs can be the woven strips. They can be layered well in a bedroom because they are available in different shapes with a luxurious look. Sheepskin rugs are pretty easy to clean, which can be washed like hair. They are excellent choices for layering them before bed because they are soft to step. Hide’s rugs trap the dust excellently. This is why you need to shake them off regularly so that rugs can be prevented to stay dingy.

Faux Fur Rugs

If you also want to enjoy the hide rugs for soft stepping but you are out of budget then, try faux fur rugs. They are made by blends of acrylic and synthetic blends. These rugs are efficient for those who want the luxury of fur without worry of ethically wrong sources of rugs. They have some drawbacks and shedding easily is the most important drawback while they are just to be installed after buying brand new faux fur rugs. They are more difficult to clean than the real deal.

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