Bespoke Double Glazing with the Focus on Aesthetics

There are some people who see double glazing as something to keep the cold out, and while they might be right, there’s so much more to replacing your windows and doors. The opportunity to make a dramatic improvement on the look of the property presents itself and with the right supplier, there’s no limit to what you can do. The latest generation of double – or even triple – glazing not only is very effective, the frames can be designed to suit. Aluminium, uPVC or classic timber can be crafted to precise measurements and in any style you choose. Georgian or diamond leaded lights can really make a statement and if your home is a period property, bespoke creations are your only option.

Viewing Previous Projects

When looking for a double glazing company in Wolverhampton, or anywhere else for that matter, it is wise to ask to see a few of their previous installations and any company with a good reputation would be happy to provide a few suitable venues for you to inspect. Choose one that closely resembles your property and then you can have a clear idea of what to expect.

Home Consultation

Rather than viewing the product at the company’s showroom, it is wiser to have them send an expert to your home. This introductory session gives you the opportunity to explore the many options and with a design expert at your side, you can examine several options and should you have any questions, they can be answered by the representative. Once a design concept has been reached, the designer would then measure up for a quotation, which he would present to you. When looking at the top end of the market, price is never the main focus, rather we are looking for quality materials and craftsmanship and that can only be found with a market leader in quality replacement windows and doors.

Choice of Materials

This depends entirely on you and with a choice of aluminium, uPVC or timber, there are a few things to consider. If maintenance free appeals, then either aluminium or uPVC are suitable. Faux timber grains and a range of solid colours are available, and with the help of the designer, you can explore several possibilities. Timber is a very attractive proposition, especially with a listed property and with seasoned wood, there is very little maintenance and as the units are made to measure, you are assured of a perfect fit.

Opening Styles

Replacing your windows brings with it the chance for something different. Tilt and turn are popular as they allow for good ventilation and are easy to adjust. If you have timber sash windows, as many London properties do, there are expert joinery companies who can replicate any existing window and with a first class installation, your property will be worth so much more. Sliding units offer convenient access and in a modern setting they look like they belong.

Traditional side opening windows are never out of trend and when combined with a Georgian or Tudor design, but whatever style you choose, it should be in keeping with the character of the property.

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