A Guide to Mobility Issues in the Home

Many people in the UK have mobility issues of varying degrees and this means their living space needs to be specifically designed with them in mind. Fortunately, there are suppliers of top quality mobility devices that are designed to make life easier and here are just a few of the products available today for those with mobility issues.

  • Wheelchairs – Modern wheelchairs are called mobile scooters and are a far cry from the basic canvas folding wheelchair we all know, which are still available, yet the electric units of today are highly manoeuvrable and can be recharged easily. With very small wheels and a low centre of gravity, the user has full control of the machine and effective braking and a low top speed ensures safety. A mobility scooter in not a cheap item and many people opt for a good second hand model, which offers all of the benefits of a new model, but at a reduced price.
  • Stairlifts – Whether you are looking for second hand stairlifts in Cardiff or Newport, an online search will soon have you in touch with a local supplier, who would have an extensive inventory of used machines. People with temporary mobility issues no longer need their scooter and so they sell it back to the original supplier, who reconditions the unit than resells it at a reduced price. There are designs to suit every shape or size of staircase and once the unit is in place, you can easily move from level to level without the assistance of anyone.
  • Bathroom Mobility Accessories – For a person with mobility issues, the bathroom presents a high risk of accident and therefore, you should have bars and rails fitted. By searching for an established mobility solutions firm, you can view the wide range of accessories for bathroom mobility. Disabled showers provide a safer bathroom experience, where greater care must be taken at all times and that goes for able bodied people too, and with a professional installation, you can enjoy a safer bathroom that is designed with you in mind.
  • Fixtures and Fittings – There are many small adjustments and additions one can make to help the person with mobility issues move around the home, such as placing handrails in the right places and having non-slip floor surfaces. A home can be made very mobile friendly with a few simple features and if a person wishes to have an intercom system fitted, this will allow instant contact in an emergency – something many elderly people really need.

If you have mobility issues and you would like to improve things at home, an online search will help you to find the right supplier. With their help, your quality of life will improve and this will have an important effect on your outlook. There are reconditioned stairlifts and mobile scooters available from online suppliers and they can also advise on any aspect of mobility around the home.

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