A Thorough Guide to Outdoor Glass Balustrade

The enclosing structure on one or both sides of staircase for safety purpose is a balustrade. The main purpose of the balustrade is safety, as it protects people from falling down the staircase.

Because of their role, the right design is also key for a good balustrade while also needs to look fascinating and complimentary to your staircase. The right design of balustrades for the stair case will enhance the looks and décor of your home, so choose them carefully. This guide to balustrades will help you understand how to choose the best balustrades for your staircase.

Different styles of balustrade

Before choosing among different styles of outdoor glass balustrades,let’s look them individually for their uses and qualities. We can categories the balustrades in 3 major groups

1.      Traditional

2.      Ornate

3.      Modern


The classic traditional bluster usually consists of wooden material; it could be sophistically carved wood with newel posts and spindles. It gives the looks of a more classical décor and makes the place traditional and unique.

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The ornamental design has acombination of traditional work with intricated metalwork; itdoesn’t have spindles at all. But the combination of metalwork and classic designs makes it fascinating and charming.


The most recent designs of balustrades are modern ones; these might have few traditional elements of balustrades or none. These are fabricated with glass and aluminum; the modern looks make these designs more eye-catching and captivating.

How to choose the right balustrade

Every balustrade is a perfect as long as it compliments your staircase style and serves its purpose. Here, this guide is going to help you find the best fit for your staircase.


  • For domestic property, the minimum height is 900mm for both stairs and landings
  • For commercial the minimum height is 1100mm on landing and 900mm on stairs.


            The handrails on thedomestic property should withstand 0.36kN/m.


Spindles should not be separated more than a100mmsphere.

Some tipsonhow to install it?

  • Identify the type of staircase for both base rail and Usually, both are of thesame length but measuring themcorrectly makes installation easy
  • If you are in the process of renovation, you must know how to install them first before you buy balustrades for yourself.
  • If you are going to install it by yourself then must watch a how to install a new staircase video on YouTube before attempting to install.
  • If you don’t know how to install it, go to a professional and ask him to install it for you.

Choosing and installing the balustrade is not a hard process as far as you go for it step by step.

Style guide

  • Choose the balustrade according to your needs and style of home.
  • Traditional ones look good with old-fashionedhouse; it will not complement your furniture and décor,
  • The base and handrails must also complement each other.

There are numerous detailed style guides available online on choosing the right kind of outdoor glass balustrades. You can view the for a clearer perception and understanding and then choose accordingly.


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