A range of Santeria products for you 

Santeria is an ancient religious system which originated from the Yoruba inhabitants of Africa. Santeria is a Spanish term which means worshipping the saints. This religious system believes that worshipping saints make them come down to Earth and give power to the worshippers. Santeria spells and prayers can be used to worship the saints and gain power to achieve many things in life. The wisdom products website has many kinds of products related to Santeria mode of worship.

Aromatic herbs

Aromatic bath herb to invoke the blessings of Elegua, the messenger of Orishas, is present in the collection of Santeria supplies. Elegua is guardian of the doors who is needed to open doors to new opportunities. You need to boil this herb in 2 quartz of water followed by straining the mixture and pouring it into half tub of water. Thereafter, you need to bath in this water for seven minutes.

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Florida Water Cologne

Florida Water Cologne can be used in the bath to get a refreshing fragrance which emanates from the body. It can also be used as a body lotion or as a softening agent for the beard before shaving. Florida Water Cologne also has a spiritual significance by virtue of its ability to attract good luck, clean the soul and provide protection against evil.

Other kinds of Santeria products include cast iron cauldron, cowrie shells, goat hoof Santeria dance rattle, Cascarilla white eggshell, camphor and much more.

Wisdom products.com is one of those santeria distributors which also have good collections of Santeria and Yoruba books. The books concern different topics covering everything from simple introductions to exhaustive instructions on using various Santeria spells and supplies. Some examples of the titles include “Santeria Formulary and Spellbook”, “Osanyin Santeria and the Lord of Plants”, “Ogun Santeria and the Master of Iron” and many more.

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