A Homeowner’s Guide To Buying A Bedside Table In Singapore

The bedside table may not be the most significant furniture piece in a bedroom—but its presence can enhance the space’s looks and functionality. Thanks to this small stand, you can store a few personal items beside your bed to conveniently get them in the middle of the night. This tiny table can also elevate your bedroom due to its colour, material, or design.

If you are considering shopping for a bedside table in Singapore, prepare to encounter a few minor setbacks. These obstacles often result from the overwhelming number of bed stand options available in offline and online stores. It can be tempting to let go of your dream of having a nightstand in your bedroom after facing these hurdles but do not let them stop you from buying a bedside storage space that doubles as a decorative piece.

If you are having trouble finding and choosing the perfect bedside table, do not fret since you can follow a few ways to help you buy a nightstand that best suits your needs and preferences. Scroll through to learn about four of those shopping tips.

A Homeowner’s Guide To Buying A Bedside Table In Singapore

1. Check The Bedside Table’s Height

Like the many round coffee table options in Singapore, bed stands come in different sizes. If you want to pick the perfect one, you should measure your bed’s height and use it as a reference for buying a bedside table that will not cause difficulties whenever you are reaching for your phone, alarm clock, or a glass of water in the morning or middle of the night.

2. Consider The Surface Area And Storage Capacity

The ideal nightstand should be similar to the console table in your Singapore living room. It should be aesthetically pleasing but can also store everything you need at night or in the morning. It should hold your phone, alarm clock, lamp, keys, book, and other personal items to help you sleep or wake up.

3. Match The Material, Colour, And Style To Your Aesthetic

The perfect bedside table should effortlessly blend into your chosen interior design style for your bedroom. It should match or compliment your preferred colour palette, material swatches, and appearance to ensure it goes well with your aesthetic.

4. Learn About The Bedside Table’s Functionality

If you want to make the most of your nightstand purchase, pick one that can do more than elevate your bedroom’s looks. Find one that can act like your glass coffee table in Singapore—a simple furniture piece that can turn into a small desk or vanity.Snow Globe is one of the many online furniture stores that can provide you with the best bedside table in Singapore. Check out its website to browse its stylish yet functional nightstand collection.

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