6 CCTV Cameras for Surveillance on Properties in Singapore

There are several CCTV camera types available on the market. Commercial and residential areas are now using a standardised security protocol. They aid in the reduction of crime and the monitoring of activities around the clock. 

Have a look at the many CCTV camera types available in Singapore.

#1 Dome 

Their shape is where dome cameras got their names. They are the most common CCTV cameras for surveillance in a company and home environment. People commonly find them at retail locations since they are mainly vandal-resistant. Some have infrared illuminators to record video in low-light circumstances.

#2 Bullet

Bullet cameras feature a long, tapered cylinder-like form and have a fixed or varifocal lens. It is the best CCTV camera for outside surveillance on properties in Singapore since they are usually waterproof. Most bullet cameras have a set length that provides an angle of view of up to 80 degrees.

#3 C-Mount

Most C-Mount CCTV cameras use detachable lenses for various reasons, including long-distance surveillance. A varifocal lens can adjust the focal distance and angle of vision. They are capable of being zoomed in and out without losing focus.

#4 Day/Night

You can use these CCTV cameras offered in Singapore in dimly lit and well-lit situations. These security cameras can operate in direct sunshine, glare, or reflections. They do not require an infrared illuminator since they have sensitive imaging chips for dark environments.

#5 Network / IP / Wireless

IP CCTV cameras in Singapore can send recordings over the internet. It is simpler to install than an analogue camera. The setup can transfer recordings across long distances without requiring any power increase.

#6 High Definition (HD)

HD CCTV surveillance cameras in Singapore can record videos at high frame rates and HD resolution. It can catch finer details while allowing the operator to zoom close without sacrificing image quality.

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