Your To-Do List On The Day You Move Into Your Rental Apartment

While it feels nice to rely on parents to confide in, many young adults nowadays choose to live alone by getting a studio unit for rent in Singapore. Living alone can help anyone become more assertive as it promotes independence. 

If you plan to get a rental apartment to live by yourself, there are things you need to do on the day you move into your humble abode. Below are some of them.

1. Document Damages

Remember that your rental apartment in Singapore might have had a tenant before you, and they have used the whole place for months to years. Because of that possibility, always check every corner and document the damages. Doing so can save you from losing your security deposit for the wear you did not cause. 

2. Have The Locks Changed

After letting the landlord know about the damages caused by the previous tenant, you should also ask them to change the locks. Inform them that newer locks will make you feel more reassured of your safety. After all, no one else owns the key to new locks apart from you. 

3. Set Up The Bedroom

Once you have entered your rental apartment in Singapore, you should set up the bedroom by making the bed. That will become a resting place to lie down after unpacking and arranging your belongings the whole day. 

4. Place The Unpacked Boxes In The Right Room

The next thing you need to do after setting up the bedroom is to place the unpacked boxes in the correct room. Separating them ahead of time will save you time when you arrange all of them. 

5. Arrange The Daily Stuff

Arranging the daily stuff can help you survive the first day of your studio apartment rental. You do not have to search around the house for shampoo or pans when cooking your dinner. 

6. Get Acquainted With Neighbours

Since you are new, you need to introduce yourself. Becoming familiar with help can help you live more comfortably. 

7. Explore The Neighbourhood

Knowing how to navigate the neighbourhood can help you leave in peace. Once you are done unpacking your things and introducing yourself to your neighbours, consider exploring the neighbourhood and note down the nearby establishments. 

Living alone is a challenge and a responsibility, so you need to be ready before getting a studio apartment for rent. 
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