Your Outdoor Space, Your Personality

Outdoor spaces, rather like people, have personalities which generally reflect the owner’s true self.

To that end, when you plan your outdoor space please ensure that your landscaping is achieved for you, not for the neighbours to admire or because a garden designer told you that you must have X,Y and Z in your outdoor space because it was seen at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Of course, if what they’re recommending fits with your tastes then please indulge yourself.

The basic rule has to be that your outdoor space is aesthetically pleasing and functional. It’s your space and you’ll use it frequently.

Think of a garden as an extra room to lounge in, consider a driveway in terms of “park the car” functionality but also as a welcoming and elegant frontispiece.

Let’s take gravel as an example:

  • Various textures.
  • A plethora of colours and tones.
  • Several sizes as standard.
  • Nature’s shaping over centuries.
  • Landscaping materials are durable.
  • Compliments planting and features.
  • It’s a cost effective investment purchase.
  • Easy maintenance, easy cleaning.
  • High functionality.
  • Aesthetically delightful.

Landscaping materials like gravel are easy to purchase, stockists won’t mind showing you samples and delivering orders to your home or commercial space.

Experts, like those at Rivar Sand and Gravel in Newbury, Tadley and Windlesham, will be able and pleased to help you pull the materials you’ve chosen for your space together, fulfil a theme or aspiration and ensure that you leave them with the right quantities.

Gravel suppliers know how to calculate how much gravel you’ll need in a space so take advantage of their expertise so you don’t have to eek out supplies or buy several kilograms more to achieve your desired effect.

Don’t make a purchase that you aren’t sure of. It may be on sale and it may be brick red rather that the soft pink hue that you originally wanted and 10mm instead of 20mm in size but if it isn’t right for you then don’t force yourself to like it.

If a landscaping materials/gravel supplier pushes you towards something you don’t like you don’t have to take it. Be true to yourself. Incidentally, this pressure won’t occur with reputable retailers and stockists, so that should give you a clue about whether to leave the depot.

Gravel can be used for a variety of tasks:

  • Driveways
  • Paths
  • Edging/borders
  • Mulching
  • Features
  • Around features
  • For drainage
  • Zen gardens

Standard sizes from gravel suppliers:

10mm gravels e.g. Moonstone Gravel, Toffee Gravel and Brown Gravel which are Thames Valley Flint. White dolomite.

20mm gravels e.g. Cotswold Chippings, Old English Chippings, Green Basalt, South Cerney Gravel, Cheshire Pink, Flamingo, Brown and Toffee.

Other sizes e.g 14mm or 18mm may be ordered but carry a lead time.

When gravel is used with favoured Yorkstone paving, cobble sets, sleepers, artificial grass, paintwork, furniture and any unique items you wish to place in your outdoor area it becomes your space.

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