Why More People Are Choosing Wooden Garages

Over recent years a rising number of homeowners have been choosing wooden garages to enhance their homes, realising the many benefits and advantages that they are offer and ditching more traditional garage options for good.  This is why today we are here to explain just some of the benefits to all, with the ultimate intention of enabling even more people to understand just how amazing wooden garages are and follow suit. Here goes…

Benefits & Advantages

Extra storage – As the name suggests, wooden garages are perfect for parking cars in, however the majority of these garages also offer much more – with extra space to store all car accessories, garden furniture, tools, toys and more. In fact some people that do not own cars even choose in install garages at their homes simply to use as storage space, something in which is common amongst large families and those with small houses. Those looking for wooden garages are often presented with a vast range of styles and sizes to choose from, allowing all to choose garages that are the perfect size for their individual needs and requirements.

Huge selection – Due to the vast array of wooden garages available, including but not limited to one bay garages, two bay garages and three bay garages, thanks to the rise of self build garages, people are now able to opt for bespoke garages that are the exact size and shape they require. When it comes to wooden garages the options really are limitless, with people not only able to access wooden garages that are wide and long, able to fit many cars, but also tall, with some people choosing garages that are two story, containing a room above the garage itself which can be used as an office, workshop or anything else. Anyone interested in self build wooden garages should visit: https://www.tradeoakbuildingkits.com/

Reduce costs – Not only are wooden garages more affordable than other garage options but garages in general are able to reduce many other costs. This is because they are able to protect everything that is kept inside of them, from cars to tools. Keeping things in a garage can not only protect them from getting damaged due to harsh weather conditions and more but can also stop things form getting stolen. Because of this those with garages typically benefit from lower insurance premiums.

Quick & easy construction – Wooden garages are easy to construct, not taking much time at all. Thanks to self-build wooden garage kits people are even able to construct their own garages, providing all with a real sense of achievement. This also means that high labour costs don’t have to be paid and that people can spend their leftover money on other things such as painting heir wooden garages and enhancing the rest of their outdoor spaces.

Natural insulator – Because wood is a natural insulator wooden garages benefit from being warmer in winter and cooler in summer, without having to use assistance from heaters and fans. Not only this but wooden garages are often more dry inside than other garages made from alternative materials.

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