Why are Americans Opting for Modular Homes?

A lot of people don’t really believe such houses as a modular house. Though they don’t have a reason for their assertion, but since they are humans they stand firmly behind their conviction. And since humans can never be easily convinced about something unfamiliar or new which is much better than what they are grown accustomed to, they feel that this new or “unfamiliar thing” is not better than the old that they have been using. Same is the scenario with modular homes of America.

  1. Firstly, when it comes to constructing a house for the average citizen,the two main things they consider is the life span and the cost of the home. There are many other things which can be considered, but if talking about these two, then modular houses are constructed for about 30% less money as compared to traditional houses. They also provide the same comfort and quality which the average, and traditionally built house provides. Yes, the savings are larger with modular houses.
  2. When seeing that people can actually save such a huge amountof money in the process of production process, it comes with no surprise that Americans that are familiar with modular houses, end up choosing them over traditional houses. However, having said that, as of now not many houses are categorised as modular in the US.
  3. Less than 5% of new houses constructed in the US are modular. But then, considering there are a number ofhome builders who still don’t believe in manufactured homes being better than traditional. Therefore, this fact comes with no surprise at all.
  4. Luckily, there are many builders who are not realizing the potential of modular houses and are changing their minds, partly due to the fact thatmany nations around the world have been utilising this method of constructing houses for a long time. Besides, a much larger ratio of houses constructed are modular already.
  5. Another fact which is instrumental in changing the minds of people are the changes in policies and regulations that are related to the modular houses and Government programs which are being made to draw people so that they can opt for creating modular homes of America.
  6. A number ofcompanies in the US have also witness the benefits which comes with modular houses and thus have turned to them. Problem of the shortage of skilled labour can be solved. This can happen with the help of modular houses since these homes do not require many workers staying on the job site. Besides, they don’t really need many workers at all. Apart from the money, you can save energy and time as well. The fact that the modular homes are mostly assembled beforehand and are brought to the job site in numerous parts, where the workers assemble it all up, and it takes only a few days to assemble it all. The time saving component is extremely valuable for workers, their companies, and their clients. The clients have a win-win situation as they don’t really have to wait for a long time to get settled into their new house.
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