What to Ask Your Contractor Before Remodelling Your Kitchen?

Kitchens are the most expensive and complicated space of a house if you are looking to remodel. It takes around eight weeks to complete, so make sure you find the perfect contractor for the same by conducting something similar like a job interview. These are the questions compiled for an expert contractor who suggests asking these questions to your potential contractor before going for a kitchen remodel.

  • Are you a licensed and an insured contractor?

Get in touch with the consumer affairs department of your state or the local governmental bodies to verify if the contractor you are interviewing is correctly licensed. And, also inquire about if there had been any recent complaints about his or her work. Ask for a copy of the certificate of insurance which will help you list yourself as ‘additionally insured’, just in case if the policy expires during the kitchen renovation.

  • Can you draw up a detailed proposal and a Canadian Institute of Architects contract?

Ensure that you have a blueprint of your desired kitchen design, designed by an architect and get everything in writing. It also includes a list of labor and materials, along with the prices from carpentry to electrical work; who is the responsible for getting permits and scheduling inspections; a list of penalties to pay heed to if the work is not accomplished on time; and agreements to put changes in order if required in writing and withhold at least 10 percent of the contract price unless and until any final corrections take place.

  • Who are the subcontractors you’ll be working with?

Obtain a list which includes a list of people who will be involved in your kitchen renovation project, like carpenters, cabinet installers, painters, and flooring technicians. Like your contractor is covered, make sure you cover all the people involved in the project as well and also under worker’s compensation laws and disability insurance.

  • What’s your input on the kitchen design?

Feel free to ask your contractor’s opinion on his input on the kitchen design and steer away from those who have nothing to say and are in a rush to leave. Traditionally, your contractor and interior designer will often go on shopping trips and have a look at the slabs of stone, appliances, lights, fixtures and other elements to be included.

  • Do you have any shopping discounts?

Almost every contractor and interior designer get a trade discount of at least 10 percent off on appliances. If you hire a reputable contractor, this discount is offered as a courtesy. If you buy the kitchen devices by your own means make sure the contractor picks them up and deliver them at the curbside at no extra fees.

  • How often will we meet to check in on the renovation?

The more the contractor stops by your home to check in on renovation, the better. If the contractor sees you around quite often, it is quite possible that s/he will stay on the job instead of bouncing back and forth between the projects. Make sure that they plan to visit at least once a week.

  • What is the best mode of communication?

Also find out what mode of communication your contractor would like to stay in touch with, email or phone.

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