What Makes Kent Perk the Perfect Choice of Water Dispenser for Commercial Establishments?

When it comes to providing certain mandatory comforts to people working in commercial establishments or frequenting it for various purposes, making clean and pure drinking water available ranks high up in the sequence.

To provide clean and safe drinking water, many commercial enterprises often install a water filtration system. It protects the consumers in these public applications whether it is a restaurant, school, hospital, or any establishment that has a number of people frequently visiting the place.

The untreated water today is full of chemical and biological contaminants and to clean it, Kent Perk seems to be the perfect choice for commercial establishments. The hazardous substances like arsenic, lead, chlorine, fluorides and microbes are leeched to our drinking water through various channels and if left untreated can play havoc with our health. A highquality water filtration system like Kent Perk removes all such contaminants.

RO Technology: The Most Effective Method for Treating Contaminated Water

The reverse osmosis technology is found to be the most effective system for treating such contaminated water. Kent Perk is a water dispenser/water cooler with an in-built RO water purifier, which makes it the best bet. So, it is well equipped to treat water with the least possible negative effects and problems that normally happens in other purifiers. It is also very simple to install and maintain. Once the commercial establishments get it installed, it keeps working efficiently eliminating all contaminants day in and day out doling out pure and clean drinking water.

The reverse osmosis method used for water purification also eliminates the need for getting the water tested often and thus is a hassle-free and reliable way to get clean water. Keeping a Kent Perk water dispenser on your premises gives confidence to the people in your establishment. They feel that their organisation cares about them and keeps their health as top priority.

Kent Perk Features That Make It a Clear Winner

The key features of Kent Perk are that it follows a double purification process of RO+UF and removes all the dissolved impurities. The double purification method ensures that even the dissolved impurities, which can be viruses, bacteria, chemicals and salts, are removed, making the water perfectly pure. The patented Mineral ROTM technology of Kent also ensures that the purified water is not ripped off the essential natural minerals making use of TDS Controller.

It also has a storage capacity of 20 litres, which is ideal for commercial places where a lot of people work or come. It has a stainless-steel body, which makes it corrosion free.

Kent Perk is a multifunctional machine, which is capable of supplying both chilled and normal water simultaneously to keep up with the diverse needs of the individuals. As the water purifier can be connected directly to the water supply, there is no need to mount and replace bottles on the dispenser.

Water is an open source for spreading water borne diseases, especially during monsoon season. Making use of good water dispensers like Kent Perk in commercial places will definitely make sure that consumers will be protected as they will have access to clean and safe drinking water.

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