What Kind of Sliding Doors Should You Install?

Sliding doors can take your home from ordinary to special and unique. There are many kinds of sliding door options for the inside of your home that can speak to your individual style. Interior sliding doors can be made of various materials such as wood and glass or a blend of both. You can choose to install folding sliding doors, double sliding doors, or even single sliding doors. Before you rush out to your sliding door provider, you want to consider the following to ensure that you are choosing the perfect set of doors for your space:

The Width of Your Space

Sliding doors can seemingly go anywhere in your home. You can use them as the kitchen door, the entrance to your office, or even a bathroom door. While they look great almost anywhere, the size and width of your chosen area has to be considered to ensure that you are choosing sliding doors that fit and function the way they should in that space. Although you may love the way double sliding doors look at the entrance of your office, the space may be too small to actually fit them.

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The Look You Want

The great thing about sliding doors is that you can find doors that look totally special and unique. if you like a more classic style, you can find simple wood doors that fit that. If you are obsessed with the farmhouse look, you can install beautiful barn doors. The options are honestly endless when it comes to the style of your interior sliding doors. Consider the style you want so that you can seek out the exact kind of sliding doors you imagine in your space.

The Materials

While the materials your door is made out of definitely speaks to your personal style, they also matter when it comes to functionality. If you choose glass sliding doors for an area that is drafty, they might not function as well as solid wood doors would. Consider the materials you want or even think about blending materials to create that perfect look and function.

The Area

Where are you installing your sliding doors? The doors that you are installing at the entry of your kitchen might not be the same kind you choose to install in your children’s play room. When considering the area, you want to think about the durability, the functionality, as well as the look. Solid wood may not be the kind of sliding doors you want for your bedroom but are great for your mud room. It just depends on where you are putting them.

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