What Are The Effects Of Household Cleaning Products To Your Septic Tank

Homeowners need to recognize the importance of keeping their septic system clean. However, one should not be mistaken that the use of specific chemicals or additives provides positive results. Most of these unnatural options limit the ability of septic systems to break down human waste naturally. The following examples show the effects of household cleaning products to your septic tank.

Drain Cleaners

Excessive use of drain cleaners has the potential to harm your septic tank. The problem arises when bacteria levels in your septic system go down. It is due to the chemical composition of cleaners which kill bacteria. An alternative is to use natural or water-based ingredients to address clogs. Some companies specialize in cleaning products with bio-based options such as citrus, pine oil, and vegetable oil. If the issue continues to occur, then you might need to ask assistance from a septic pump service York PA.

Laundry Detergent

The item people use for washing clothes also poses a risk to your septic system. The problem comes from the components of various brands in the market. Detergents have harmful contaminants such as phosphates and surfactants. Excess of these chemicals leads to contamination of drinking water and poisoning of wildlife. A way to prevent the problem is using detergents made from natural ingredients and do not harm the environment. An item such as vinegar help disinfect and act as an effective deodorizer.

Ammonia and Bleach

Ammonia and bleach are common household chemicals that homeowners use to clean the kitchen, sink, and bathroom. However, excess amounts lead to damage to the natural bacteria inside your septic tank. That is why it is advisable to use these items in small quantities. Alternatively, you can use natural options such as baking soda and Borax. Should a problem occur, it is best to call a septic pump service York PA to assess the extent of the damage.

Dishwashing Detergent

Dishwashing detergent can damage your septic tank if used excessively. Similar to laundry detergents, it has hazardous chemicals that kill natural bacteria. Examples of these are phosphates and surfactants. Natural alternatives are available in the market. For instance, baking soda helps scour challenging to clean stains in pans. Vinegar also helps disinfect and remove clogs on your drain.

Managing Usage

Based on the examples above, it is essential for homeowners to manage their use of chemicals in their homes. You need to be conscious of the negative impact these items create to your septic system, and eventually to the environment. In buying your next cleaning products, try to find natural alternatives or ones that contain organic ingredients.

The Bottom Line

Overall, caring for your septic tank involves homeowners identifying chemicals that impede the natural flow of bacteria. The bacteria inside your system provides the necessary means to treat wastewater. Making an effort to choose your chemicals for cleaning and opting to go for natural and environmentally friendly solutions reduces the risk of contamination. Should you experience such problems, there are reputable septic pump service York PA that can provide their knowledge and expertise.

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