Top Tips for a Smooth Office Move

If you are planning on moving office, you must read this article.

When moving office, strategic planning is key. Planning efficiently can make the difference between a hectic relocation with costly downtime and a smooth transition with little to no lost hours in operation. If you want to move offices with minimal stress, without breaking the bank, keep on reading to discover some top tips…

Top Tips

  • Office moves must be planned for as early as possible. Business relocations such as small office moves must be planned at least 6 months in advance and larger more commercial moves can require up to two years of planning!
  • Many businesses when moving make the mistake of thinking that they can move their offices on their own. Although in some cases this can be true – it also makes for lots of business downtime and stress. Any business moving should opt for professional office removals London services to assist.
  • Not only do businesses need to hire removals companies to assist them when moving but they also need to ensure that their chosen moving company is fully insured.
  • Where possible people should try to move their office at the weekend or out of business hours, not only will this allow for work to be continued as normal for as long as possible but will also make moving far less stressful.
  • Business managers and directors should discuss the move with their employees as early as possible so that they are kept in loop and feel as though they are included. This way if any employees are for any reason unable to work at the new location you will be able to be informed sooner.
  • Those moving office should be sure to change their printed and online materials updating the address on their website, business cards, stationary, emails and more.
  • Announcements regarding office moves must be made; these can be made in the form or newspaper, letter or blog posts. Social media is also handy for this.
  • On the last working day before the move employees should each be given box, or numerous boxes depending on what they own, so that they can pack up their own things, ensuring that they are kept together. This also makes unpacking much easier and speeds up moving times.
  • You don’t want too many people hanging around when you are moving, as they could get in the way of removals teams. Those moving should ensure that only around 3 staff members are present to keep an eye on operations whilst staying out of the way.

These are of course only some of the tips for smooth office moves too – There are many more available online for you to take advantage of.

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