Timber Furniture Buying Guide

Decorating with timber furniture is a fantastic means of introducing some serious character, style and charm into your home, no matter what style it might be. Furnishing your home is always going to be tricky, even the pros have a tough time of it every now and then, so it’s to be expected that you’ll need a little inspiration, direction and guidance during your furniture shopping process. You’ll stumble across a multitude of different trends, staples and materials…really, there’s way too much choice out there when it comes down to biting the bullet and actually buying something. That’s where this guide comes in! Here’s how to go about purchasing timber furniture for your home…

Why Timber?

You might be thinking to yourself, well, why would I fork out for timber furniture instead of opting for cheap and cheerful, flat packed laminate? And you wouldn’t be alone in that contemplation – however, the case for investing in long lasting, high quality timber is a strong one indeed. The most notable benefits of timber furniture include…

Style: Timber furniture is fantastic for sliding into literally any kind of interior designed aesthetic you could dream of! The rich, worn wood can fit in with anything from boho to classic, Hamptons to country – for a neutral piece that positively shines amongst all styles, there’s nothing better.

Substance: Too often we wind up with furniture that’s all style and no substance, which you sadly figure out when your coffee table buckles under your feet or when a cupboard door snaps off in the middle of the night – never ideal. The great thing about timber furniture is that it has been recycled and remodelled to create a one of a kind piece that’s going to wear beautifully. The reclaiming process, along with the quality of the material to begin with, will mean that your pieces won’t be giving up on you any time soon.

Long Lasting: The long lasting nature of timber furniture is a huge bonus. Timber pieces actually tend to look better over time, with the wear and tear that often occurs within the home adding to the character and charm of the piece.

Environmentally Friendly: Reclaimed timber has been recycled from old materials that are not in use anymore, recycling is kind to our environment and doesn’t add to the ever expanding rate of waste that us humans are responsible for. Being environmentally conscious is always important, especially when you’re shopping, and timber furniture makes that easy.

Where To Start?

Once you’re sold on whether or not to purchase some gorgeous reclaimed timber for your home, it’s time to get started on finding the right pieces for you. The best place to start is to head online to check out what’s being offered in your local area as far as reclaimed timber goes. Look for reputable retailers or stores who are passionate about their production and your home. Whether you’re shopping online or headed out on foot, you’ll find plenty of striking timber furniture in Penrith and greater Sydney that will suit your tastes perfectly. Head in with a good idea of what you’re looking for and always carry your measurements to ensure that you’re buying to scale, and you won’t put a foot wrong.

How To Care For Timber Furniture?

Timber furniture can occasionally require waxing to increase its shine and to feed the material. Speak to your provider, if this piece requires it they will most likely carry a natural product that will do the trick perfectly. Be mindful of keeping your timber piece directly in sunlight, this can cause fading over time. Otherwise, timber furniture basically takes care of itself!


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