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In today’s world, you must be struggling for your physical health and comfort. While doing office work or making assignments on your laptop, you have to sit for a long time. This may result in your backache and make you feel tired. There is a dire need for something that allows you to work in the comfort of your bed without any hassle and disturbance just like your table. Luckily, where there is a problem, the market usually has a solution. When it comes to laptop ergonomics, Laptop Stand Table is one of the most important must-have accessories and it will be influential in changing your lifestyle and mode of work.

Physical Health

TreasureBox is introducing Laptop Stand Table that is perfect for your health and work at the same time. It will enhance your productivity and health by maintaining your healthy posture. It offers an ergonomic approach to your physical well-being. Your muscles feel more relaxed with our laptop stand. Sometimes, you use a laptop while laying on your bed it often causes backache and makes your wrists and neck pain. The situation becomes worse when you put your laptop on your lap while sitting on the bed, with your hands at a 45-degree angle and the lower part of your wrists keep hitting the laptop frame which may lead to numbness, pain, and in worst cases it may cause carpal tunnel syndrome. At just a 15-degree bend, the weight of your head that the neck has to support increases nearly more than twice from around 12 pounds to 27 pounds. While at 30 degrees bend this weight jumps to 40 pounds. By using our laptop stand table you can get rid of this unnecessary pressure and it will align your arms, forearms, and hands with the keyboard. It gives you a perfect typing posture. Laptop Stand Table is an inexpensive piece of equipment with a number of advantages.

Versatility and Ease

Sometimes you place some drink near you while using your laptop. While working on your bed or even on the couch you may spill your drink accidentally. It may cause a  lot of loss in financial and official means. By using our Laptop Stand Table such a risk will be minimized as there is enough place to put your eatables and documents near you during the work. You can even take this Laptop Stand Table with you while working in the kitchen. With this product, you can work on your laptop and complete your tasks even at your bedtime. It will improve your time management leading to enhanced productivity.

Why Buy from Us?

TreasureBox understands its customer’s core requirements. We always present durable, useful, attractive, and inexpensive products. Laptop Stand Table is designed as per ergonomics for the ease of our customers. The composition of our product is wooden with iron alloy coated rods. It has an attractive look, good strength, and enough carrying capacity.


From Top Side = 80 cm × 40 cm

Height               = 74.5 cm

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