The Perks of a Smart Water Hose Timer

Watering your lawn is something that a lot of people have to do. But there are a few problems with watering the lawn and it comes down to overwatering and the amount of water that is used. Watering can be done for lawn and be helpful to keep it healthy even when there is not much rain, however, if there is too much water or at the wrong time then the efforts are just running up the water bill in which you have to pay every month.

One problem is the time of day for watering and that some people are just not home at the right time to water their lawn so they do it when they can but end up wasting a lot of water that way. 

Another problem is that when you have to turn the water on and off manually that you can forget and leave it on for long and hurt the lawn with overwatering and run your bill up too high. But thankfully there are a lot of solutions for this problem and the easiest one that you can do is to get a smart water hose timer

These timers hook to the hose that controls your watering system and you don’t have to have an expensive lawn system for it to work either because of the fact that it will work on any hose. What the timer does is it is programmed for both the time of day and how long you want to water the lawn. This means that once the timer is set you can leave it be and it will turn on and off at the time you set without you having to worry about it.

If it is a day that you don’t need to water because it rained you can always put a delay for it to skip the day with a simple push of a button meaning that at all times you have control over the amount of water that your lawn gets and how much you spend on your lawn staying green. Some of the smart timers can hook to the phone over the wifi so that you don’t even have to go to the timer in order to make adjustments and that you can do it from wherever you are.

The smart water hose timers that have wifi will have to be set up for your wifi which will take a bit more time to get it going but it will stay hooked up unless there is a power outage. Most of the timers have batteries in them that can be replaced so that they are never out of power and so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Overall having a timer on the hose can help to save a lot of money on your lawn and to conserve water in a time that needs it. The cost of the timer is very minimal as most of them are under a hundred dollars which can pay for itself within the first month of using the timer if you were wasting a lot of water before. 

This makes the timer a great investment for you and your lawn helping you to manage it while taking one more thing to do off of your list because you no longer have to worry about managing the lawn or having it die every year because of the lack of rain in your area during some seasons.

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