The Most Common Signs of Home Foundation Problems

Being a homeowner comes along with a great deal of independence and satisfaction. However, it also means dealing with a slew of potential home repair issues. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most common signs that you should pay attention to so you know when your foundation is in need of repair.

Fractures are the first indication that your foundation is in need of some necessary repair. You may notice these fractures showing up in the actual brick foundation of your home. In some cases, you may notice slight cracks in the floors, chimney, and even walls. These can be due to the settling of a home. Homes are typically built with the expectation of a foundation sinking in the first 2 to 3 years. However, inclement weather and expanding soil can cause unwanted settling of a home’s foundation. This extra settling will put a strain on the entire structure and result in cracks throughout the home.

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An indication that many don’t realize is actually connected to foundation issues are doors that stick or don’t open properly. When a house settles into the soil, it can alter the actual foundational structure of the home. This will lead to exterior doors that appear uneven at the top or drag at the threshold. The inside doors will typically get stuck and drag at the top. It’s important to note that wear and tear can cause a door to become misaligned. With this indication, you want to take particular concern when multiple doors in your home have these types of issues.

The next signs that you should be looking out for are uneven or sagging floors. This is particularly easy to spot as you’ll notice right away when you walk on them that something isn’t right. Typical signs are dipping, bowing, squeaking, or sagging. This is a result of a shift in the foundation beams. For the concrete slab floor, as you will find in a basement of a home, the slab will be out of level or uneven.

Over time it’s possible that you’ll notice your cabinets and countertops starting to separate from the wall. At first, it may only be a slight eighth of an inch. However, over time you’ll notice that it grows more and more. You should seek foundation repair services when the separation is small. If you let the separation get up to one-half of an inch wide, you’re in for some real trouble and costly repairs.

For those of you who have a crawl space, instead of a full basement, you may notice that it’s wet. This can physically be seen, and you may even notice an odd smell coming from your crawl space area. You will most likely notice the wetness after rainy or snowy weather. Again, this is another problem that needs to be fixed quickly to avoid erosionof your home’s foundation.

There are many signs that you should be on heightened alter for that will tell you when your home’s foundation is in need of repair. It’s important to remember that you should contact a professional when you see the first signs of an issue. Letting an issue progress over time can lead to more potential damage to your home’s foundation and a heftier repair bill for you.

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