Tell Tale Signs that your Central Heating System Needs Replacing

A central heating system, like any other complex creation, has a life expectancy and give or take a few hours, there will eventually come a day when the boiler is on its last legs and you are looking at a replacement. The boiler is the very heart of the system where the water is heated and then pumped around the house and providing the system has regular servicing, you can expect anything from 10-18 years of use. Without the regular care and attention, the boiler could cease working at any time and that could mean a repair or worse, a replacement, and with that in mind, here are some tell-tale signs that your central heating needs attention.

  • Age of System – Some boilers manage to perform for close to twenty years and if yours is older than ten years, then it is time for an expert evaluation. Replacing a few key components might just give you another decade of trouble-free use, but never forget that without regular maintenance, all bets are off and a problem could arise at any time.
  • High Fuel Bills – The sign of an inefficient gas boiler is the sudden increase in fuel consumption and if you are surprised when you see the winter quarter gas bill, a service is definitely in order. As the boiler ages, it is in a state of decline and burners might need replacing and other components checked in order to lower the fuel use to its previous level.
  • Strange Noises – Sometimes, a central heating system gurgles and croaks, seeming to have a life of its own, and these weird sounds are indicative of an issue, which could be trapped air that is passed through the system. Bleeding the radiators will solve this problem and this is a job for the central heating specialists. Sourcing such a company is easy with a Google search and by choosing a local firm, you can be assured of good service. If you need a new gas boiler in Birmingham, an online search will bring up a list of local suppliers and you will soon be able to make an informed decision.
  • Uneven Room Temperature – If the central heating is running well, every room should feel warm, yet if there are locations where it is colder or warmer, this is a sure sign that the thermostat is malfunctioning. A faulty thermostat will certainly make the boiler work much harder, which means burning more fuel.
  • Regular Repairs – If you have to keep calling out the service engineer, it could be time for a boiler replacement and this is something the engineer would recommend, as he knows only too well the importance of a smooth running boiler.

A good quality boiler is never going to be cheap, and like anything that is used continuously, the boiler needs regular attention. If you experience any of the above, call in your local central heating supplier, who can evaluate the system’s condition and make suitable recommendations. Regular servicing ensures a long life and when you factor in the low cost of preventative maintenance against the high cost of a major repair, the former is definitely the way to go.

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