Solar geyser to help you get warm water and save electricity

Now days, there are several types of heating systems through which you can get hot water easily but one of the main disadvantages is that these water heating systems are expensive and your energy bill also increases. Therefore, there are some heating systems which are energy efficient and less expensive and solar geyser is one of them. It is a heating system in which water in the pipe gets the heat from the sun and later on it is transferred to the holding tank. So, when you want the heat water then you just have to turn on the tap. This water heating system does not need any kind of electricity connection and you will be able to save your electricity bill. Therefore, you should install this heating system in your house because it is environment friendly and no energy is involved in the running of this geyser.

Types of solar geyser

There are two types of solar geysers, first is direct solar geyser system and another one is indirect solar geyser system. The direct solar geyser system uses evacuated tubes in which there is a transfer of warm water from the panel to the geyser. On the other hand, indirect solar geyser system is used in the areas where the quality of the water is poor. In this geyser, water stays in the inner part and but it is not transferred in the panel and from the panel glycol flows in to the outer tank and this heats the water.

Value of the property – This water heating system increases the value of your property because it does not use any electricity. Therefore, many people prefer to install this water heating system in their house and they get free hot water and it only saves your money in the long run. Companies also give 10 years warrantee and life expectancy of 20 years.

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