Small Ways to Make Your Kitchen More ‘You’

A kitchen needs to work functionally, but why sacrifice personality for practicality? Here are 8 top tips for making your kitchen more ‘you’.

Oftentimes, we think of kitchen design in terms of its ability to house essentials: fridge, sink, oven and cupboards. Within this cookie-cutter approach, it can be difficult to make your kitchen feel like ‘you’. Personalising your kitchen, however, is not too difficult. Whether you’re working from scratch or renovating a pre-existing kitchen, you can make many simple adjustments to add a little flair to the heart of your home.

1. Add Some Colour
Colour is a perfect way to add character to your kitchen. Where many expect kitchens to be utilitarian and neutral, a spot of well-placed colour can add some much-needed character and contrast. Consider brightening the walls around your kitchen to add space and adding some flair to cupboards and shelves. Consider painting the inside of your cupboards for a bold smattering of colour when opened.

2. Statement Pieces
Statement and decorative pieces are a great way of showing your personality. Don’t shy away from including statement pieces in your kitchen. They’ll add some much-needed sparkle without a complete kitchen re-design. Homemade pieces are a great idea, so why not try getting creative with mirror and fairy light combinations, paintings or sculpted vases. These statements become a great conversation piece from guests and can include anything from the aforementioned unique artworks to beautiful flower bouquets.

3. Remove Clutter
De-cluttering your work surfaces and shelves can have a great impact on the look of your kitchen. For one, the room will feel lighter and breezier. Opt to keep counter space clear and store appliances away when not used. Instead, leave spaces available for attractive displays. The kitchen can get messy, but you should leave spaces for displaying only personal and beautiful items with a healthy amount of minimalism.

4. Replace Your Kitchen Doors
Replacing kitchen doors and drawers can help give your kitchen a facelift. It’ll cost less money that fully revamping a tired kitchen interior and can be coordinated with other features, such as worktop facades, to help create a running theme or colour. What’s more, it is a simple DIY job that most novices can do. There are limitless possibilities out there when choosing a kitchen door replacement, from traditional country looks to more modern minimalist designs.

5. Think About Lighting
Lighting is one of the most versatile elements of room design. You can choose anything from layered lighting to more striking accent designs. All of this will depend on your kitchen’s layout and style but changing up the lighting can make a real difference and shine some real personality on your kitchen space. When it comes to designing lighting setups, the world is your oyster. Just get out there and experiment with every potential setup.

6. Mix Styles
Some people argue that consistency is key. That’s true to a degree, but don’t be afraid of mixing traditional styles with more modern design styles. Consider sleek and sophisticated countertops juxtaposed with wood finished tables and grams. A well-achieved blend of modernity with tradition will give your kitchen a unique but sophisticated finishing touch. Don’t be afraid of trying combinations out and breaking the rules.

7. Revamp Your Sink
There’s nothing blander and more utilitarian than a kitchen sink. It needs to fulfil a purpose. But why not try spicing things up a bit with a new and unique faucet design. You no longer have to stick with what was installed and work around it; sinks and taps come in a wealth of different styles, shapes and colours. This can be a very inexpensive yet characterful upgrade that adds some charm to your kitchen area.

8. Update Hardware
It may sound obvious, but many people cling on to old pieces of equipment solely because it has served them well. Nowadays, you can achieve the same result with slimmer and more aesthetically pleasing models. If you have dated bits of hardware in your kitchen, consider renovating in small doses to spruce up and modernise your kitchen.

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