Seven Ways To Make Your Airbnb Standout Online

As the popularity of Airbnb grows, with more homes around the world accommodating travellers, it can be tougher to see a return on your investment. To achieve a greater reach online is increasingly difficult and hosts are competing with each other to offer their living spaces, or singular rooms, online.

As the marketplace becomes more active, however, there are a number of ways that homes can stand out, with even simple adjustments to practices and interior designs helping properties to grow in popularity.


One of the most commonly voiced concerns regarding a stay in a shared living space is security. If a host is able to offer means of security, such as lockable rooms and safe storage spaces, guests are far more likely to choose their living space over alternatives. Such assets can easily be added to rooms, being both affordable and easy to install.


What does a room offer beyond a bed? Those that are able to double up as remote-working spaces, for example, offer an extra service to travellers who might want to catch up on emails while they are away. Some hosts are also offering modest kitchen facilities inside a room, such as a mini fridge and electric hob, to allow guests to prepare food independently.


If a room has a greater degree of privacy from a central living space, it is more likely to be chosen online. Log cabins and other garden outbuildings remain popular because they allow guests to stay without requiring them to be within a central and shared living space, keeping guests, instead, in the garden.

Local Information

Think about why a guest might be visiting your home. If there are local attractions or events that appeal to travellers, then having information accessible in a room can be very appealing. Try adding local maps and pamphlets to your room as a way of engaging guests with local activities.


A room should look great! While many are wanting a functional space to support their travels, it is the rooms that are designed with exciting or beautiful aesthetics that will attract the most guests. This is also important for hosts because every guest is also likely to take photographs and these are likely to be shared with others on their social networks, making each holiday album an advertisement.

Smart Features

The ubiquity and affordability of smart features for the home should be embraced by hosts as a way of appealing to guests. Effortless digital integration into a room can make an experience far more pleasant, saving guests from having to figure out contraptions and allowing them to customise their room from their phones.

Modular Design

Rooms that are limited to accommodate only certain types of travellers, such as individuals or couples, are limiting their appeal. Those that have modular designs, with the ability to unfold beds and cradles, have the ability to also accommodate families and groups, increasing their appeal as a result.

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